Alexander Wang Brought Back The Banana Clip

Alexander Wang Brought Back The Banana Clip

For previous collections, Alexander Wang has called for some pretty daring hair looks.

For example, for the Spring 2017, Wang called for 18 models to go bleach blonde and for Fall 2017, hairstylist Guido Palau gave models:

But it doesn’t stop there as for Spring 2018, one model, Stella Lucia, was reportedly given a mix of four different hair colors, which was inspired by pink-haired Kate Moss in the ’90s.

The Cut notes that it was Josh Wood, the colorist and Redken’s Global Color creative director, who spent eight hours perfecting the shade.

And now for Wang’s Fall 2018 show in New York, Wang simply brought back an old friend: the claw/banana clip.

Alexander Wang Brought Back The Banana Clip

And now with Wang’s stamp of approval, the banana clip will soon become the most coveted hair accessory again.

Guido Palau tells Elle:

“I love the way that something that’s been around and has a funny connotation can come back.”

And references the mullet comeback:

“Look at the mullet haircut: three or four years ago it was a no-no, and now it’s super cool. I love the way that something is reintroduced into fashion and we look at it again in a different way. That’s been happening for a while now, things that were considered not cool or a bit of can be rejigged again.”



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