American Vogue Makes It's Most Significant Round of Layoffs

As part of an internal reorganization effort, American Vogue is making its most significant round of layoffs in the last two years, with layoffs including about eight people from director roles to senior marketing roles. The news comes from sources close to the publication.

The source reveals that the director of communications and a senior market editor, specifically, were let go.

These wave of layoffs comes with the uncertainty inside the Vogue offices lead by reports this spring that Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue and artistic director of Condé Nast, will soon leave the company.

And while Bob Sauerberg, Condé’s Nast chief executive has denied these rumors back in April to the New York Times, these layoffs come as Condé Nast increases its efforts to cut down on overhead costs and essentially streamline its staff by sharing resources across titles.

With that, the Boston Consulting Group is advising the company on a long-term strategy as well as investments as the company navigates through its print advertising sales which continue to decline but still account for the majority of revenue.

Back in 2016, a bigger reorganization effort was made when Condé Nast joined its creative departments under corporate creative director Raúl Martinez.

And in 2017, the business side of Condé Nast was restructured based on categories and clusters of titles.

Today, Condé Nast is focusing on streamlining its editorial operation as well as its fashion and beauty closets.



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