Kering SA has issued a second and lengthier statement about Balenciaga, apologizing, after a racially motivated incident at the Printemps department store’s Balenciaga shop in Paris, went viral.

The altercation originally began after a Parisian shopper was allegedly allowed entry to the store, going past Chinese customers who appeared to be lined up outside.

The caption on the posted video says:

“Boycott Balenciaga discriminating against Chinese.”

Balenciaga then issued an apology to all Chinese customers as well as other shoppers.

But according to a Chinese media reports, Balenciaga staff members at the outlet in a Printemps department store told Chinese customers to leave after a confrontation with other shoppers.

With that, Balenciaga said on Saturday that they had temporarily suspended the present management team and will conduct an investigation.

According to Chinese media outlets, during the incident, a Chinese woman trying to enter the store scolded a group of shoppers who jumped the line.

The woman was then pushed by one of the line jumpers causing the woman’s son to then come to her defense but was then shortly asked to leave by store staff.

The followup apology comes as, on Thursday, Balenciaga issued their first apology but failed to identify the customers to whom they offered the apology to, prompting an uproar amongst Chinese social media users.

The hashtag #BoycottBalenciagaDiscriminatesChinese went viral via Weibo, drawing millions of page views.



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