[UPDATED] Danielle Bernstein Launches New Jewelry Capsule with Lulu DK And Quickly Crashes Due To Copy Accusations

This past weekend, Danielle Berstein of We Wore What announced the launch of her exclusive Nordstrom capsule in collaboration with jewelry designer Lulu de Kwiatkowski of Lulu DK.

And while Berstein was super enthusiastic about the launch, that quickly came to an end as various jewelry brands and Diet Prada trollers all began calling Bernstein out for allegedly copying their designs.

And if that wasn’t enough, the Nordstrom Instagram post became flooded with comments about the collection, which is set to release on May 9.

The first to share its displeasure over Bernstein’s designs was a jewelry line that is known to specialize in custom medallion-like chain necklaces, this brand is called Foundrae.

Foundrae took it to Instagram to post their thoughts, saying:

“This is not Foundrae. This is a costume line that #daniellebernstein of @weworewhat made for Nordstrom with the help of @lulu_dk. All complete copies. Tonight I feel crushed. Danielle came to my house over a year ago to see our jewelry and we let her borrow pieces several times. How is it not personal when you let a person into your home, let them wear your pieces, and then she knocks it off?? It’s an abuse of privilege, taking advantage of access. The buyers of Nordstrom also have a responsibility to protect design integrity and their PR team is creating consumer confusion by endorsing her as the designer which is not the truth. Honestly, I want to turn the other cheek but I need to call out when wrong is wrong.”

Foundrae then followed up with another post comparing both collections.

Bernstein’s new collection can be viewed on the left while Foundrae’s pieces were featured on the right.

Photo: @foundrae/Instagram

Within the post, Foundrae asks users to notify Nordstrom of the product similarities and help to evaluate whether people think this is an infringement on its designs.

Soon enough, Diet Prada – Instagram’s fiercest fashion critic, stepped in.

Diet Prada posted a side-by-side photo of necklaces from Bernstein’s collection that look very similar to pieces from both Foundrae as well as other jewelry brands: Retrouvaí and Bondeye.

Diet Prada wrote:

@weworewhat, did you miss the memo on social responsibility in 2018? Cuz it seems like your jewelry line with @luludk_lifestyle for @nordstrom is cherry-picked out of your personal jewelry collection. Pieces from hard-working designers who not only shared their work with you, but some even invited you into their homes. Pretty cruddy way to show ‘support’ for @foundrae@retrouvai and @bondeyejewelry if you ask us.”

The mega influencer then later addressed the commentary with a lengthy apology via Instagram story.

Photo: Instagram Story: @weworewhat

Within her apology, she acknowledges the accusations and notes that the jewelry line was vintage inspired.

Bernstein also notes that not only has this “vicious online campaign” been “devastating,” but she has also never experienced such “malicious hatred” in her life.

Bernstein concludes her statement by saying that she has decided to pull a few pieces from the 27-piece collection that have come into question and notes that the capsule will still drop on Wednesday at Nordstrom.

Fashion Ambitions has reached out to Nordstrom for comment and will update this post as any additional information becomes available.


UPDATE: Tuesday, May 8, 12:08 p.m. ET: A spokesperson from Nordstrom issued the following statement in response to Fashion Ambitions’s request for comment:

“We take situations like this seriously and partnered with Lulu DK and Danielle Bernstein to remove each of the pieces in question. We’re excited to offer our customers the chance to shop the rest of the collection on May 9.”

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