Diesel Creates Bootlegs: “DEISEL” Pop-Up In New York City

Bootlegs have always been an issue. And not just in the United States, counterfeit apparel runs rampant around the globe.

With that in mind, the CEO if Diesel, Renzo Rosso, decided to launch on ongoing campaign called “Go With the Flaw”.

Rosso decided to play off the logo hype by creating pieces featuring the knockoff logo: DEISEL.

And these “knockoff” pieces can be found at a pop-up store located on a street corner notorious for their knock-off shops – the corner of Broadway and Canal Street in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood (419 Broadway).

Diesel Creates Bootlegs: "DEISEL" Pop-Up In New York City

When the store opened, it was done subtly, allowing the brand to lure unsuspecting shoppers in.

With that, they were able to film these shoppers that would later play a part in the brands campaign video.

At the popup, shoppers could expect to find genuine clothes being sold at knock-off prices, with hoodies pricing at $60 and t-shirts going for $20.

And as the word got out, lines began to form around the block.

The brand estimated around 1,000 people to enter the shop just on Friday alone.

The popup will remain open for the next few days and/or while supplies last.



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