Gigi Hadid Attacked By Body Shamers For Being “Too Skinny”

Gigi Hadid has been dealing with a lot of criticism lately due being “too skinny.”

And even though the pressure to stay thin in the modeling industry is apparent and true, speculating on Gigi’s personal weight without any knowledge or insight behind her weight, is considered highly inappropriate.

With that said, Hadid took  it to Twitter to get things straight and to shut down the body shamers.

The model explained that she is still dealing with Hashimoto’s disease which is a condition which initially caused the model to retain water.

Gigi also went on to explain what Hashimoto’s disease is and her treatment.

She did however note that she would not further explain her body.

Chrissy Teigen also chimed in with some indirect support:

Gigi closed her Twitter announcement with a plead for more empathy to others:



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