Here’s How Khloé Kardashian Found Out She Was Pregnant

Here's How Khloé Kardashian Found Out She Was Pregnant

If you’ve been keeping up with Keeping Up with the Kardashians, then you’re probably aware that it’s been quiet a struggle for Khloé to get pregnant.

So, when she found out she actually was pregs with Tristan Thompson, it came at such a huge surprise.

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Khloé (who is currently six months along) reveals just how she found out that she was expecting.

She says:

“Tristan kept saying ‘You’re pregnant’ and I was like: ‘Be quiet. I’m not pregnant.”

She then goes onto say:

“I was nauseous, not feeling well and then he had to leave the country and I took a pregnancy test. I was like screaming. It’s so weird and surreal.”

Khloé says that her assistant, Alexa, purchased her a pregnancy test, and that her family wasn’t aware of her pregnancy for weeks.

“[Tristan] was out of the country and we wanted to tell everyone together. It’s actually all caught on Keeping Up which I’m excited about. They get to see all the stuff I was going through without them knowing.”

Khloé does admit that the crew knew she was pregnant before her sisters.

“Yes, but I’ve known the crew since 2007. We’ve had pretty much the same. They’ve been involved in pretty much the best and worst of us and they keep quiet.”

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