Kim Kardashian West On How To Be Successful In Business

Use Social Media

Kim Kardashian may be better-known for her reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but it’s her social media presence that has really created the household name she has today.

In the first Business of Beauty report, by BoF, Kim touches on the benefits of social media and its potential outreach:

“With social media these days, you can really start your own business, [and] market it and promote it in the way that you want to. Obviously, the more you post, the more attention it gets. It’s a fine line of flooding your account, though. When I have a launch coming up that I’m really excited about it, I love my campaign images so I’ll post a lot. Then sometimes I’ll look back at my page and I [be] like, wait, there’s so much content.”

Own Your Brand

And while the Kardashian name has become highly sought after, Kim speaks about keeping complete control of your brand name:

“I’ve transitioned from having everything in license deals, where you just basically get your list of requirements that have to be fulfilled and you do them — and I’m very happy to do them — but it’s a completely different game when every last detail is yours. I see how much work goes into owning a brand yourself, instead of just being a licensee. There is power in having the evolution of owning my own businesses and starting from the ground up and really figuring it out.”

Secure Legitimate Deals

In addition to that, Kim addresses the importance of not only owning your brand but understanding the legalities of becoming an owner:

“I’m so happy that I did not license my name in like a 10-year deal or something crazy. I never did long term. I know people had wanted to do like 12-year deals, so these crazy deals that people want to do and license your name, and at the time you think there’s nothing on the horizon that’s better, and give in, and a lot of people don’t believe in themselves enough. That’s something that I’m so proud of my husband for. He’s always believed in himself so much, that he’s never given up his name or business.”

Stay Headstrong

Kim also talked about her prior experiences have played a part in how she approaches social media platforms today:

“It was supposed to happen to me. I was supposed to learn a lot from that. [Those] little signs along the way, you really do have to pay attention. And for me that made me a better person morally and just for the things that are important to me; how I’m going to raise my kids or just what I care to show. I’m really cautious of all of that now. I don’t really post in real time anymore. I just don’t like people knowing my every move.”

Kim also notes:

“You have to be a strong person to just handle all the negative comments and the negative energy that comes your way, because if you put yourself out there, [it’s] the nature of the internet [that] everyone’s going to want to hate. That trolling energy that everyone puts out there, that negative energy, is really hard to deal with. It’s really, really tough.”

Be Forward Thinking

Last but not least, Kim talks about how staying ahead of the curve can often be taxing but points out that hard work has its payoffs:

“I think hard work pays off. And I just want the product to speak for itself. It’s a lot. Doing this all year round, there’s so much pressure, because you’re the only person that you can really go to if you mess up,” she says like a true entrepreneur […] and you cannot mess up, or the internet will not let you forget.”

She also notes:

“I’m learning stuff still with my brand. There’s so much more that you know and when you start learning more you get so much more passionate about it and you fall so much more in love with it […] You just want to make sure that you know you’re doing the best that you can.”

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