Will The #MeToo Movement Effect New York Fashion Week Models?

With the major response to the #MeToo movement, New York Fashion Week models can expect to see a difference in the way the backstage areas of shows are being handled.

On Wednesday, The Cut reported that The Council of Fashion Designers of America has decided to parter with advocacy group the Model Alliance, to ensure that all models are provided private changing areas at New York Fashion Week shows.

Models can also expect to see signs backstage that are meant to promote a

“safe and respectful workspace.”

Model Alliance notes:

“Given that models have raised concerns about invasive photography and lack of privacy while changing clothes backstage, we decided to take additional steps this season to create areas where models can change in privacy.”

The organization also encourages models to come forward by contacting them if they feel that they “have been the subject of unwanted sexual attention on the job” by emailing: Model Alliance Support, at support@modelalliance.org.

The decision stems from stories and accusations against big players in the industry, that have surfaced from both female and male models, which has led to the #MeToo movement.

Will The #MeToo Movement Effect New York Fashion Week Models?



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