Supreme Makes A Tribute To Fendi With A Bomber Jacket

Supreme just dropped their SS18 collection this week and it turns out their stand out piece ended up being a faux-fur bomber jacket.

The jacket appears to be inspired by the house of Fendi and features repetition of the labels name: “SUPREME”, which goes across the jacket. And almost interlocking Ps, seems to hint towards Fendi’s iconic “zucca” monogram.

In 1926, Fendi opened in Rome, as a fur and leather goods store. Since then the label has become a luxury fashion mainstay.

Karl Lagerfeld joined the fashion house in 1965 and still oversees its fur and women’s ready-to-wear lines.

Since day one, fur as acted as a core part of Fendi’s business. And the brand hasn’t been putting its monogram on fur coats for years, it’s more like decades.

And while fur has fallen out of popularity with many customers, over the years, leading brands to ditch it entirely, Fendi still decided to put fur pieces on the runway for its FW18 show in Milan.

Today, Fendi is owned by luxury goods conglomerate LVMH, and has recently pivoted to millennial audiences, adopting the logo craze and vintage glamour.

And since the monogram revival, the brand has become on trend.



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