Will Vero Kill Instagram?

Today Instagram holds over 800 million monthly active users and is known as one of the most popular photo/video sharing applications to date.

At least for now.

But with Instagrams newly added features and recent algorithm adjustments, subscribers, especially influencers and brands, have expressed some concern.


Instagram recently did away with the chronological timeline, which has taken a toll on engagement.

So in comes Vero. Vero is currently being touted as the “Instagram Killer.”

The social media application allows users to post things like:

  • movies
  • TV
  • music
  • books
  • places
  • photos

But when upon each share, the user can control who sees what.

And of course, Vero includes a chronological feed.

Vero also does not require users to crop their images, as full-sized photos can be uploaded and displayed in their original ratio.

In addition to that, Vero will not be giving companies the opportunity to boost posts as the platform is trying to eliminate a “false sense of connection [that] has left us lonelier than ever” by allowing its users to control who sees what so that “you can behave in a way that is more natural, which we believe ends up being better for you.”

So without any money coming in from advertising, Vero has decided that they will eventually charge users to sign up for the app but has noted that the first million users will receive free access for life.

Vero originally launched in 2015 and the company decided to take more time building their network.

But a sudden surge in popularity has led to scaling issues.

The popularity comes after several high-profile Instagram users posted that they had joined Vero, which prompted their followers to do the same.

Since then, it appears, that the app has been having trouble keeping up with its newfound popularity.

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