7 Makeup & Hair Suggestions For Your Next Date Night

7 Makeup and Hair Suggestions for a Date by a Celebrity Makeup Artist

When preparing for a date, it can be really easy to get caught up in the butterflies, excitement, anticipation, romance, and the ultimate need to impress your date. But all those feelings can oftentimes leave you confused or even feeling bold enough to try a look you probably wouldn’t normally try like a new a makeup look, hairstyle, or outfit style. But trying anything new right before a date probably isn’t the best idea. Especially, if this is your first date with the person.

It’s best, in fact, to stick to your true self.

Dress in something that makes you the most confident. From there, you’ll notice your overall confidence and presence will increase.

However, you still need or want to add an extra touch of glam, check out some tips we received from Sara Clark, a celebrity makeup artist. Having worked with the celebrities from Denise Van Outen to Kelly Brook, Sara knows her craft when it comes to looking good.

Here are seven tips on how to make yourself look fabulous for your date:

1. Do Not Have an Impulsive Change of Hairstyle Before the Date

The guy already likes you as you are! If you have a regular hairstylist you put your faith in, get her or him to give you a graceful cleaning and blow-dry.

2. Do Not Get a Facial

Facials are typically done a few days before the occasion. Do not have your facial done a day before your appointment.

3. Moisturize

Once you take a shower, make sure to apply plenty of body oil or moisturizer to avoid drying out your body and getting an ‘ashy’ skin tone. Make sure to also oil your knees, feet, and elbows.

4. Be You

Do not go overboard and do makeup that will significantly alter your natural looks. Once your date is over and you do not resemble your initial appearance, you will be signaling a deceptive image to your date. When you look at tips on how to get a boyfriend, confidence is vital! With exaggerated makeup on, you will find it hard to gain esteem because you chose a look that is far from regular.

5. Your Base

Beneath your foundation is where your makeup appearance starts. Ensure that you have the perfect shade for your first impression. Make use of an oil-free primer if you have oily skin. A suitable lip-balm is necessary before applying lipstick. Use a cotton piece over your lips to help massage the balm in.

6. Makeup

One thing you want to avoid is going heavy on the foundation. Men find too much makeup to be a turnoff. A clean and natural appearance always wins.

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If you are planning on doing some beautification, make sure that it’s enhancing your best features and nothing more.

Avoid using too much gloss since you may end up getting a kiss on the forehead or cheek instead of on the lips. The best makeup is the kind that’s not easy to notice. A friendly smile now and then will brighten the date up. If you are going to do any touch-ups, avoid doing it in front of your date. 

7. Go Light on the Perfume

It’s not easy to tell the kind of scent that pleases your date. You may end up marinating yourself in a smell that he doesn’t find appealing and cause a quick end to a presumably great time.

At the end of the day, remember to ease up, be comfortable, and enjoy your date!

7 Makeup & Hair Suggestions For Your Next Date Night

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