Are Your Rhinoplasty Goals Realistic?

Are Your Rhinoplasty Goals Realistic?

There are many reasons why someone would want to have cosmetic surgery done. Some need surgery because of life-threatening or non-life-threatening health issues, while others have it for more personal reasons. 

A recurring theme as to why someone wants to have that cosmetic surgery done is due to them feeling self-conscious about how they look. Societies’ beauty standards are high and are hard to achieve for many. Magazines and movies are showing off these examples of movie stars and models of beauty bodies every single day.

One of the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed is rhinoplasty or commonly known as a nose job. 

And while some procedures go well, others go wrong that leaves the patient needing to have or desiring to have a revision rhinoplasty. However, having the damage repaired is not as easy as it seems.

More often than not, patients looking for a second nose job are searching for a surgeon who is trained to undo the damage that someone else, whom they trusted, did to them. Dr. Mark Glasgold has been referred to many people who have suffered from bad nose jobs and are looking for revision nose jobs in the New Jersey area.

According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Glasgold received his M.D from Thomas Jefferson Medical School and has been practicing facial cosmetic surgery since 1995.

What is a revision rhinoplasty?

Revision rhinoplasties are revision nose jobs. 

According to Revision Rhinoplasty expert, Dr. Mark Glasgold, revision rhinoplasty “can be a more complicated procedure; previous surgery may have included excessive removal of supporting bone and cartilage, loss of tip support, and or/twisted nasal structure, along with scar tissue.” Each person is a unique case due to what possible amount of damage and repairs need to be made.

This also means that the amount of time spent during surgery will vary for each case. It is best to talk to your doctor and have a plan made out before going under the knife. What one type of procedure works for someone else may not work for someone else and the procedure that they need.

Are Your Rhinoplasty Goals Realistic?

How does revision nose jobs work?

Due to having to undo the previous work of another surgeon, a revision rhinoplasty may have to take skin grafts and/or cartilage from different parts of the body to achieve the desired results. Recent studies show that if there is septal cartilage damage, then cartilage from the ear or sometimes the rib is taken to give the nose the support it needs. Remember the septal cartilage supports the bridge of the nose and the tip. This allows for easy, uninterrupted breathing.

To receive a revision rhinoplasty, one may think that they need to have suffered a significant amount of damage from a previous surgery that has gone wrong. This is not the case. 

One can get a revision because they simply do not like the results of the previous surgery. Another reason could be that something happened during the recovery time that undid the surgery or made the nose worse than it was in the beginning. Remember, according to The Rhinoplasty Society a second rhinoplasty is considered “corrective nasal surgery”.

The recovery time is how long?

Getting a nose job done is still considered to be an outpatient procedure. 
Depending on the person, general anesthesia may be used or, if that would not be enough, a combination of local anesthesia and a sedative will be used. Recovery time will typically take between five to ten days, depending on the complexity of the surgery. 

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A bandage will be worn over the nose during this whole time. Pain killers will be given to help dull the pain for the first couple of days. Swelling and bruising will still be there after the bandage comes off, this is normal so do not be alarmed by this.

It is common for a person to be able to return to work or school within a week of the surgery. It is recommended that one follows all the precautions that the doctor gives them. Some examples of this are: avoiding any contact sports, like playing kickball, or doing strenuous exercising for a predetermined amount of time.

What able one’s goals?

When a person believes that they have found a facial cosmetic surgeon that can magically fix everything, there need to be two important questions that need to be answered. What are their goals? Are they realistic?

Yes, there is a good chance that if the surgery is not difficult and complex due to a lot of damage needing to be undone that only one revision would be enough. However, is one prepared if there needs to be more than one? Is that person ready to go through another recovery time and follow all the instructions? One must think about these questions and answer them honestly.

Being honest with oneself and their facial cosmetic surgeon is important for a successful surgery. Be open to all that is needed to achieve these goals.

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