Crazy Hair Colors: Is It A Fad Or Is It Here To Stay?

In recent years, there has been a growing trend: crazy colored hair. And the trend has been hard to ignore.

Going from its origins as a counterculture trend with punks and later, emos, bright hair colors became somewhat more mainstream in the nineties, thanks to fairly awful temporary color options like hair mascara and colored mousses.

But it was in the 2000s that we really began to see widespread popularity in the trend, making it more commonplace to see people rocking bold, statement colors or even multicolored ‘mermaid’ style hair.

But is this something you should be attempting to do to your hair? And is this a fad that is likely to be gone in a season or two?

Crazy Colors Can Be Hard to Achieve at Home

If you decide that hair is just hair and see it has a YOLO opportunity, remember that while a lot of people now are quite savvy about dying their own hair, trying to achieve a bright and essentially unnatural look, is extremely difficult.

So, what does this mean? It means that the need for an experienced hairdresser is on high demand and by no means should you try and conquer this on your own. See the help of an experienced colorist.


Because even if you have dark blonde hair, achieving bright colors like magenta, scarlet, turquoise, and green can be tough. And your chances of your hair looking dingy, are very high, especially if you try to do this at home.

And if you have dark hair, achieving a bright colored look gets even more difficult. 

But whether you have dark hair or even light hair, the process of achieving a bright colored look on your own is nearly impossible.

This especially holds true because before the process can even begin, most people must undergo several hair lightening sessions. When that step is fully completed, only then can they truly start the crazy color process.

All that said, doing this on your own can result in severe damage and just overall bad results.

Get An Experienced Colorist

Of course, while any hairdresser who works with color can lighten hair and create a blonde finish, customers looking for a bold and unnatural color will want someone with more experience.


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Because while a single color process or bold streaks take experience, it takes another level of experience to be able to achieve those incredible multicolored hair effects that we’ve all seen on Instagram. Those types of looks are a much more significant undertaking and not something just anybody can do.

So, before picking just any colorist, look at their portfolio and look for styles that achieve a unique color combination and give you the confidence that can do the job.

The Supplies They Will Need

If you are considering obtaining a crazy color, be sure to ask your hairstylist what types of supplies they plan to use.

If you’re looking for sections or streaks, temporary vegetable dyes, are a great inexpensive option and your stylist can check out Salon Supplies for excellent quality hair colorants from all of the best salon brands.

So, Is It Really Worth Doing?

The crazy color movement may have seemed like a fad a few years ago, but now it seems to have become more commonplace. What we thought was a trend has become more of a staple service, much like going blonde or brunette.

While different colors do come in and out of fashion each season, with pastels being hot one minute and multicolored rainbow hair the next, but unnatural colors have become so widely accepted. So, in our book, it’s worth a try.

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