Will Rhinoplasty Help My Breathing? Everything You Need To Know About The Procedure

Will Rhinoplasty Help My Breathing_ Everything You Need To Know About The Procedure

Some people look in the mirror and feel tempted to change their facial features to feel better so they can feel better about the way they look. Then there are some people who are totally okay with what they see in the mirror but have a hard time breathing.

And of course, there are the people who love what they see in the mirror each and every day and can breathe just fine. But we’re not here to talk about those people today.

Today, we’re here to address how rhinoplasty can help you from a cosmetic standpoint and/or medical standpoint.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, each year almost 220,000 rhinoplasties are done. Making this is the most popular facial surgical procedure in America.

So, why is this surgical procedure so popular?

Treatment for Medical Necessity

The procedure can help if you have difficulty breathing because your nasal cavity is obstructed.

Some of the medical conditions for nasal obstruction are:

  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Lack of breath during exercise or physical activity
  • Extreme fatigue

What causes the nasal cavity obstruction?

Sometimes the cartilage wall in the middle of your nose called the septum is not aligned correctly. This is called a deviated septum. 

You can have a deviated septum because you broke your nose and it did not heal properly. Some people are just born with a deviated septum. No matter what the reason for the cartilage being out of alignment, it needs to be realigned so that oxygen can flow freely. 

If the septal deviation is not severe, the procedure to fix it is called septoplasty.

Everything You Need To Know About Rhinoplasty

However, if the nasal obstruction is severe, your nasal support will most likely have to be restructured. The American Academy of Otolaryngology (AAO) states that the surgical procedure “alters the shape or appearance of the nose with functional rhinoplasty specifically aimed at enhancing the nasal airway.”

Treatment for the Balance of Facial Features

Some people look in the mirror and are dissatisfied with the appearance of their facial features. Since your nose is in the center of your face if it is too large, too small, crooked or comes to a sharp point, your facial features can seem out of balance. If you find that your facial features are out of balance, you can consider getting a rhinoplasty procedure. With that, be sure to speak to a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon who can reshape your nose.

The American Academy of Plastic surgery has a gallery of before and after pictures of people that have had their nose reshaped. The reshaping brought their facial features back into balance. They are delighted with the results. You too can be happy when you look in the mirror after this nose shaping procedure. 

What is Involved in the Surgical Procedure?

According to the National Institute of Health, “rhinoplasty is a complex and multifaceted operation.” It is essential to choose an experienced surgeon for your procedure.

Nose reshaping does not typically involve a hospital stay and is generally done as an outpatient.

Here is how the procedure takes place:

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  • The anesthesiologist will give you general or local anesthesia. Your nose will be numbed, and you will be relaxed and should not feel any pain. 
  • The surgeon will make incisions within your nose.
  • The surgeon then begins reshaping the bone and cartilage in your nose. This change will give you the desired appearance.
  • The surgeon will close the incisions and possibly put a nasal splint to keep everything in alignment. 
  • You come out of sedation and go home.

Recovery After the Procedure

The first few days after surgery, you may experience some discomfort due to bruising and swelling.

Your surgeon will prescribe medication and care instructions to help with the discomfort. You also may have a little swelling and bruising around your eyes for a few days to a couple of weeks. Your nose could have minimal swelling for about six months. Most people will not even notice, but it takes a little time for all the cartilage and tissue to heal.

It usually is recommended that you avoid high physical activity for about three to six weeks after surgery. This allows time for the tissue to heal and inflammation to decrease so you can take in enough oxygen during strenuous activity. The recovery is relatively short, and the benefits will last you for the rest of your lifetime. 

To stay on the safe side, New Jersey rhinoplasty specialist Daniel G. Becker details the recovery process almost step-by-step.

Making Your Choice of Treatment

There are many different reasons why people choose to have this surgical procedure. If you want to have this procedure, make sure to select an experienced cosmetic surgeon who you are totally and completely confident in.

Whether you are needing to repair an obstruction in your nasal cavity or looking to balance your facial features, the surgical choice is yours.

But whatever you do, make you choose a surgeon that you are comfortable working with and make sure the doctor has a clear plan of how to reshape your nose. Make sure you have seen before and after photos of their work, you know they are board certified and you confident in your decision.

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