Here’s What To Look For In A Great CC Cream

With several products coming out, we can all probably agree that the beauty industry can rightfully own its own alphabet. Right there near the top of that beauty alphabet is a CC cream, which came after the great success of BB creams. While the two products are touted to target different problem areas on the skin, their end result may look the same.

You may reach out for a BB cream to build a natural makeup look, but sometimes, it’s not enough. That’s where a great CC cream may come into play. But what do you need to look for when it comes to purchasing a good CC cream?

Sun Protection

Both BB and CC cream often have sun protection, but CC creams may have a better formulation and higher SPF compared to BB creams. In theory, at least.

When checking out several products, note the formula difference depending on brand and country of origin of the product. Asian BB and CC creams may have a different formulation than Western products. This means you’ll have to choose wisely to find the product that suits your complexion better.


Some CC creams provide the same coverage like a light foundation, which means you’re getting the same result using a product that does the job of a foundation and a concealer combined.

Those who need to get ready quickly will love that CC creams work predominantly to correct discoloration on the skin, regardless of whether it’s due to rosacea or an acne breakout. And if you have severe breakouts, you’ll want a thicker consistency CC cream.

Color Correction

The initial success of CC creams was due to the product’s versatility. It goes a step up after BB cream, which blurs out blemishes and makes skin appear smoother in no time.

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For those who also have issues with under-eye circles and uneven skin tone, BB creams might not be enough. This is when you need to turn to CC creams. This product hides redness and reduces the appearance of skin discoloration. It also addresses sallowness, which makes the skin look yellow or brown–basically, unhealthy.

When it comes to looking your best every day, you don’t need to use multiple products. Sometimes it’s as easy as applying a simple product that tackles several skin problems. In this case, a CC cream is all you need.

Here's What To Look For In A Great CC Cream

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