How To Choose The Perfect Hair Color

How To Choose The Perfect Hair Color

You’re in the mood to change your look, but you don’t want it to end up in a dramatic disaster. Fair. While finding the perfect color for your hair is quite a task, it’s still a manageable one.

But remember, it doesn’t matter what color you want, even if its a natural, bold, or drastic look, there are always colors that will perfectly compliment you.

But to find the perfect color, you will need to take into account your skin tone and features. Finding your skin tone is basically the make or break when it comes to finding your perfect hair color.


Because choosing a color that doesn’t match with your skin tone can cause a major clash overall and make the colors look unnatural. So, if you’re not sure what skin tone you have and really want to achieve a natural look, keep reading.

Here are three types:

Cool Skin Tone 

Cool skin toned people have pink or bluish-red undertones.

They look best in blue, red, and purple clothing. They have blue veins on the inside of their arms, they generally have light-colored eyes, such as green, grey or blue and have brown, black, and blonde hair.

If you want to know if you have cool skin tones, all you need to do is get a silver, green or blue piece of paper and place it next to your face, now take a look in the mirror, if it looks flattering then you have cool tones.

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Warm Skin Tone  

Warm skin toned people have yellow undertones.

They also look incredible in yellow, brown, orange, and cream colors, earthy colors to be exact. They have green veins on the inside of their arms and tend to have dark eyes such as black, hazel, or brown. And their natural hair color may be blonde, red, brown, strawberry blonde or brown.

If you want to know if you have warm skin tones, all you need is to get a yellow or red paper and place it next to your face, now take a look in the mirror, if it looks flattering then you have warm tools.

Neutral Skin Tone

Neutral skin toned people don’t have warm or cool skin. They only have a neutral skin tone. They don’t have pink or yellow undertones and they can wear any color as it compliments their skin. Their veins are not green or blue.

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Choosing a Hair Color

Now that we know the various skin tones we belong to, it’s time to determine which hair color works best.

The first thing to decide is if the hair color you’re going for is natural or radical.

If you’re going natural, try going for 2 – 3 shades darker or lighter to your natural hair color. If you’re going radical, like trying out a red color and you’re a cool-toned skin, try a bolder color instead of red, so that it doesn’t look like so unnatural.

Shade Choosing

It is best to choose the shade that will look quite good on your skin.

  • Cool Skin Tone: Choose black, ash brown, cool blondes that range from icy white to platinum and mink. Never go for yellow, red, gold, and bronze tones, because they make your hair looked washed out. You can spice up your hair with cherry red, burgundy, and blue to give your hair unnatural but exciting colors.
  • Warm Skin Tone: Choose warm browns, Auburn, warm gold, rich golden browns, red highlights, golden blonde shades and chestnuts to give your hair natural colors and a great look. Avoid going for blue, ash and violet hues as they will end up washing out your skin color. 
  • Neutral Skin Tone: Choosing any shade of color will surely make you look great but try to keep it in the balance and not overdo it.

So, if you’re light-skinned, try champagne blonde, strawberry blonde or honey. If you’re dark-skinned, try out inky black, mahogany or coffee. If you’re medium skinned, try out walnut brown, golden caramel or tawny blonde. Then finally, you’ve got to decide if you’re getting a temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent dye. 

There you have it, your one-stop guide to getting a perfect color for your hair.

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