How To Find An Affordable Self-Tanner That Really Works

Whether you only recently started to evaluate the dangers of the sun beating on your skin or you have taken your parents’ warnings seriously since childhood, you now know for sure that you want to get a tan without the potential risks. Still though, you have to take costs into account.

Purchasing the most expensive self-tanner from a department store might get you the shade that you want, but will you have enough funds left in your budget to now go out and show off your tan?

Here are some amazing tips on how to get glowy, bronzed skin for less:

How To Find An Affordable Self-Tanner That Really Works

Shop Off-Season

If summer hasn’t quite started to show its signs yet, you might have the chance to score some high-quality self-tanner for a low price.

The cost of these items is likely to creep up the ranks as the summer approaches, so keep your eye on sales that emerge around August or September.

Always remember to check the expiration date as it’s completely pointless to load up on self-tanner that’s no longer useful when you need to use it.

Choose the Right Store

You might recall your parents going to multiple stores when you were a kid to get the best prices. Now, you may think that you don’t have the time to do so, but if you want the best prices, you’ll find the time.

For example, visiting a cute beachfront shop is likely going to introduce you to higher prices on summer items. Also, if you go to a store that is known for selling vacation items, you might run into the same situation. Instead, try a local drugstore as they’re more likely to have a sale or coupons that can probably provide you with a better deal.

Look for Samples

Are you a member of a beauty club? Do you subscribe or frequently purchase fashion magazines? Check your print edition for some free samples.

In addition to scoring a great price, you might also want to score a great tan. But you can’t know if a product works for you unless you try it yourself. With that in mind, instead of purchasing the full bottle, opt for a sample size or travel size. You may contest that the samples are too small but remember, when you’re testing out a product, you tend only to use a tiny bit. Different tones of tanner work on different people, so the odds of you testing out a product on your entire body are pretty slim.

Visit a Department Store

Some drugstores offer samples, but you’re typically more likely to have this experience at a department store.

At the department store, you can try a few shades on to see which one looks the best on you. Of course, you also want to ensure that you aren’t allergic to the products.

Once you’ve found a shade, you may wonder how you’ll pay for it since you’re looking at a department store price. Think about how many drug store brands you might need to buy to find the right shade. This mental reflection can help you realize that you’ll save money in the long run.

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Another option is to note the name of the color and the ingredients. Then, you can conduct some research online to find brands that other individuals recommend as comparable.

Share with a Friend

Another option is to look into an affordable self-tanner, such as b.tan, and share with a friend to make it, even more, cost-effective.

The decision to purchase a tanning product and share it for the season can work well if you’re just looking for a soft glow.

Perhaps you’re going away with your closest buddies for a few days, and you all want to look your best on the beach. Splitting the cost for a couple or a few bottles of self-tanner can lead to a more enjoyable vacation for you all, and you’ll have the extra money to spend on traveling luxuries.

You might think that low-priced self-tanner is just a chimera. However, you actually can find quality products that work for you and that don’t come at an astronomical cost. Now, you can enjoy the warm summer months and love the way that you look.

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