How You Should Be Taking Care of Your Lash Extensions

How You Should Be Taking Care of Your Lash Extensions

As more and more people start to recognize the true benefits of eyelash extensions, they’re becoming more and more popular in the beauty industry and is becoming a must-have service at salons.

And while many get hooked on getting their lashes done, many forget how to look after and care for them.

With that, here are some tips on how you can keep your eyelash extensions looking as fresh as possible:

Avoid Excess Oils

When it comes to excess oils reaching your eyelash extensions, you will find that this can affect the quality of them, and they can become easily aggravated.

Oils can develop throughout the day depending on your activities and sometimes can be unavoidable. The good news is that you can clean them away in your daily skincare routine and make sure that your eyelash extensions are kept as clean as possible.

Extra Tip: Q-tips can be a major help around your lashes. 

Schedule Refills

Another great way to look after your eyelash extensions is to schedule in some refills that can be done by your lash technician or a friend who is trained.

Eyelash extension supplies can be expensive, so if you wait long enough that you need to get a full set of lashes every single time, it can quickly add up.

With that, it’s important to keep your lashes maintained. Technicians who use The Lash Professional to purchase their eyelash extension products are definitely working with some of the best products around, so if you if see that they are, you can have comfort in knowing that you’ll get great results.

Reduce Moisture

When you have eyelash extensions, always try to reduce the moisture that they are exposed to.

Of course, you will want to be able to shower and walk through the rain, but there are ways that you can avoid any kind of excessive moisture that your eyelashes come across. This could include avoiding places like saunas or steam treatments that could cause moisture to build up and the glue to break down.

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Keep Them Clean

Our final tip is to make sure that you are keeping your extensions as clean as possible.

To achieve this, you should try to remove your makeup every single night and cleanse the extensions with the right kind of liquid. This way, you can keep them clean and reduce the risk of them falling out or the glue breaking down before it should.

Everyone loves to get their lashes done in order to look amazing, but it is important that you are not wasting money by neglecting your lashes. Make sure to follow all of the advice that we have given you in this article, and you should be able to keep them in a good enough condition. Cleanse them gently and make sure that you schedule in those refills in time.

How You Should Be Taking Care of Your Lash Extensions

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