So, Just How Harmful Is Hair Styling?

How Harmful Is Hair Styling?

Whenever you are looking up information on hair care, you’re bound to see dozens of articles demonizing the use of hair products and styling. Right?

And after reading a few of those articles, you might be convinced that it’s all the hair products and styling that’s causing all the damage to your locks.

So, all of a sudden you’ve given up all the hair products, blow-drying, straightening and curling, all in hopes that your tresses will regain its fabulousness.

But you know what? It just doesn’t happen that way.

Why? Because only a few of the seven and a half billions of people on the planet can boast perfect hair. That’s why.

And for this reason, for this main reason, is why gels, mouses, dryers and flat irons came to be, so people can and could achieve those much-desired looks.

Believe it or not, our ancestors have been experimenting with styling long before electricity and hair gel was even invented. They used wax, powders, and oils. And some hairstyles of old were legitimate health hazards and were even considered fire hazards. Remember those humongous old wigs? Well, picture those wigs around chandeliers that used actual candles.

Yep, major hazard.

In the light of those fires, modern hairstyling is considered much tamer. But is it really safe? Or should you “go natural”?

How Harmful Is Hair Styling?

Truth About Hair Styling Products

There is a lot of information about the harm of using styling gels. That alone is a fact. But of all the information out there, one of the biggest standout facts is the one that says that all the gels you’re probably using can cause severe dehydration and irritation. And this can result in hair loss. That’s because the majority of them contain alcohol.

However, avoiding alcohol-based gels doesn’t mean that you need to avoid all products that can provide a similar styling effect.

You can provide your locks with better hair care using styling creams, especially those that are wax-based.

Tip: The more natural components any hair styling product contains, the better it should be.

But you also need to understand that no product of this kind is 100% natural.

If it were, it wouldn’t do its job well. That said, it’s important to choose products that do not contain actively harmful components.

The worst of such chemicals are:

  • propylene glycol,
  • polyethylene glycol,
  • sodium laurel/laureth sulfate,
  • and isopropyl alcohol.

You can find a more extensive list of harmful chemicals in cosmetics at the Environmental Working Group’s website.

Another important thing you need to know is that even the gentlest organic product will damage your locks if you wear it too long.

Removing these substances from your locks is vital for maintaining their overall health. Therefore, it’s not as much about what you use to style your hair but about how well you wash it off.

With that, make sure to use professional-grade shampoos and warm water (not too hot!) to remove all traces of the product. Then, add a good moisturizing conditioner to help your tresses recover.

And if you choose to create an elaborate hairstyle that calls for a lot of product, be sure to wash it out thoroughly. And do this same-day, if you can.

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If you follow the “no shampoo” trend, avoid using other styling products at all. Why? Because chances are you won’t be able to remove the products properly, leading your scalp to develop a variety of problems, which can include hair loss.

What You Need To Know About Hair Styling Tools

All styling tools that use heat damage your hair.

There is nothing you can do about it because all heat is damaging; even the hot summer air outdoors has this effect.

However, you can minimize that damage and if you combine this with using top-quality hair care products, the adverse effects will be negligible. This means that you will be able to use your favorite tools without fear and look stunning every day.

Similar to the use of hair styling products, the trick here is not to overdo it.

Keep the heat settings on low or medium and try not to use these tools every day. Let your hair “rest” from any styling at least one day a week.

If you use curlers of any kind, never use the type that requires you to sleep wearing them. Those are bad not only for your hair but your blood circulation as well.

Is Hair Styling Safe?

There is no arguing the fact that hair styling can be damaging, but it can also not be all bad.

The difference lies in how you do it. If you use top-quality products, avoid over-styling, not use too hot settings on tools, and wash off all products thoroughly to maintain good scalp hygiene, you will be perfectly fine.

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