Super Easy Ways To Get Flawless Skin

Super Easy Ways To Get Flawless Skin

Flawless skin: it’s highly coveted, hard to get, and even harder to keep. Thousands of serums, foundations, and concealers promise to hide blemishes, but they’re not reaching the root of the problem – making the skin itself healthy. The reality is, you can try to hide your imperfections and rough spots all you want, but until you address the underlying problem, whether it’s hygienic, hormonal, your diet, or something else entirely, your acne will never go away. 

We never said addressing these problems were simple, though – that’s why we’ve compiled a list of easy tricks you can use to improve the health of your skin in no time. 

  1. Drink water. Think we would spare you this tip you’ve probably heard a million times? No way – it’s just too important! Water not only improves literally every one of your body processes but increases skin health, too, by keeping it hydrated without having to overcompensate with pore-clogging oils. Not only will drinking water give you better skin, but it will give you more energy, keep your internal organs healthy, and help you think better. Sign us up!
  2. Take off your makeup every single night. Sleeping with makeup on is a huge no-no – and yet, hundreds of us do it every night. Whether you fell asleep while watching a movie or just couldn’t bring yourself to get up out of bed to wipe off, don’t be surprised if you wake up with a new pimple or two after slacking in the face-cleaning department. There are wipes for just about everything, and the face is no exception. They can make the process fast and easy, without water splashing everywhere, giving you no excuse to skip this part of getting ready for bed. 
  3. Skip the heavy foundation when you can. Though foundation can be a total confidence boost, wearing it can actually cause you to have it use it more and more. Foundation is thick and oily, quickly clogging pores and contributing to acne, as well as aggravating pimples and other blemishes that are already there. Skipping the foundation on days you’re just hanging at home or going to class can give your skin a chance to breathe, giving acne a chance to clear up in the process. 
  4. Use moisturizer. If you have naturally oily skin, applying a moisturizing lotion may be the last thing you want to do – but hear us out. Moisturizers give your skin the hydration and moisture they need so your skin doesn’t have to produce what’s called compensatory oil (face oil produced to fight dry skin.) The compensatory oil produced can easily cause pimples, while light moisturizing lotions are much more likely to keep your skin looking clear and smooth. Apply some each time after washing and drying your face, especially if your skin is especially dry.
  5. Clean up your diet. Look, potato chips are great, but there’s no doubt they can have dire health consequences, negatively impacting your heart, your waistline, and, yes, even your skin. Aim to incorporate more unprocessed foods such as fresh fruits and veggies into your diet to help your skin clear without using harsh chemicals and masks. Avoiding excessive amounts of sugar and carbs may be enough to do the trick! Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard, either – there are thousands of recipes out there that incorporate healthy foods into meals you already love. Also, little changes like opting for baby carrots as a snack instead of ice cream or healthy tea instead of hot chocolate can make a world of difference in your skin. 
  6. Treat hormonal issues. Some people, teenagers especially, suffer from acne caused by hormones more than anything else – and it’s marked by appearing mainly on the chin and beside the lips. If you suspect your acne is hormonal, getting worse with your period or refusing to clear up altogether, no matter what products you use, it may be time to visit your doctor. They may prescribe something like birth control to control your hormones or refer you to a dermatologist who can help with other acne medications. Either way, taking this step can help ensure there is not something more serious going on and help you clear your skin from the inside out.
  7. Use a silk pillow, or clean your pillows often. Pillows – we put our faces on them for eight hours every night, but how often do we really make sure they’re clean? If you’re anything like every other working adult, probably not often. At night, we usually want to hit the pillow and fall asleep – not wash it. But pillows can be an excellent breeding ground for bacteria because of the dirt and dust they collect, which could be triggering your acne. Using a silk pillow can help curb this issue, but if they’re not your thing, making sure to switch out your pillowcase every few days can also do the trick. 

There you have it – getting clearer skin doesn’t have to be cost and time-intensive. There are lots of simple ways to address a condition that seems anything but! Try these methods out and watch your skin transform, whether you’re dealing with major breakouts or annoying pimples that pop up around the time of important events. 

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Which of these methods are you excited to try out? Comment down below what you’ve tried and what works for your skin! 

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