The Secret Behind Every Celebrities Perfect Smile

The Secret Behind Every Celebrities Perfect Smile

Do you have yellowish teeth? Have they gone through the process of unfortunate decay? Or does your smile suffer from misaligned, broken, or chipped teeth?

If you’re someone who isn’t happy with their smile or suffers from any of the above mentioned, there’s a solution. A smile powered by dental veneer products could hide all of those flaws.

Crafted as thin coatings that are fixed upon your teeth, these specially crafted coverings have become hugely popular since the last century among a variety of social classes. And thanks to the advancements in dentistry, obtaining this procedure is far from difficult, making it very easy to find a dentist who has experience working with these solutions.

And due to their effectiveness in reaching a certain level of beauty, they are often referred to as “Hollywood Teeth” – but there’s a bigger reason why they got that name (more on that below).

The Secret Behind Every Celebrities Perfect Smile

So, no matter who your favorite celebrity is, remember, the chances are very high that their picture-perfect smile is crafted from these specially developed dental coverings. (And no, that’s still not the reason why they’re known as “Hollywood Teeth.”)

The reason they are referred to that way because a Hollywood dentist actually invented this method of beautifying the appearance of teeth.

How Hollywood Teeth Have Sustained Their Popularity Since Their Invention

According to what is now common knowledge among the world of dentistry, what we today know as a dental veneer was invented by California dentist Charles Pincus.

That was more than 90 years ago.

Ever since it was first crafted in 1928, the dental veneer became the primary method of improving smiles for many. From James Dean to Judy Garland, and from Shirley Temple to Bob Hope, it was the way to attain the perfect set of teeth, and in turn, a perfect personality.

And it wasn’t just limited to movie stars afterward.

Pincus made great strides in terms of bringing the art of the dental veneer to mainstream dentistry. Many dentists soon learned the craft and started offering the procedure through their own practice.

Thanks to what the procedure promised, having a veneer-backed smile was taken as a sign of a charming personality, which caused many Americans to flock towards this method.

And that hasn’t changed to this day.

Getting the Picture Perfect Smile is Still a Dream for Many

As mentioned above, a veneer is basically a protective, porcelain coating that covers a regular tooth to transform it into an epitome of perfection. That is why it is looked at by many as the ultimate, easiest solution to obtain the smile of their dreams.

Statistics from 2010 suggest that the veneer sector is worth more than $2.5 billion. While updated statistics are not available from a reliable source, it is not that far off to state that the industry has only grown since then.

The Secret Behind Every Celebrities Perfect Smile

According to findings compiled by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, more than 93 percent of cosmetic dentists make it a point to offer veneers to their patients. With over 7,000 registered cosmetic dentists and more than 27,000 employees, it is safe to say that a staggering amount of veneer procedures get done in today’s day and age.

Ever since the rise of the influencers on social media platforms, the practice has only increased further.

As reported by The Atlantic, the method to obtain a picture-perfect smile is now widely used by this new class of advertisers and models.

To these influencers, using a veneer-powered smile is the key to their dreams. It doesn’t only make them look good, inspirational, and self-confident. It also helps them obtain more “positive engagement.” It is an all-important tool in their proverbial arsenal to get more business, and they are not shy of admitting their desire of going through veneer-based procedures.

This has driven the popularity for dental veneer-based procedures to an all-time high, even with the cost ranging from anywhere over $1,000 to $4,000 per veneer.

But It’s Not Only the Influencers Who Are Going After This Procedure

Then again, obtaining the perfect smile is not limited to actors, models, or influencers. Yes, it seems to be a major part of their meal-ticket, which is their flawless appearance. But veneer-based smiles are also sought after by the everyday business execs and even stay-at-home parents.

According to NYC veneers expert Dr. Marc Lazare, there is a very good reason for that.

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Dental veneer procedures could obtain marvelous results in lesser time as compared to surgical or restructuring procedures. With that, they also prove to be a great way to improve oral health and restore confidence that is lost to tooth decay, discoloration, misalignment, or breakage.

The Procedure Could Also Help You Feel Happier and Better About Yourself

No matter even if you are wearing the most expensive outfit, if your confidence doesn’t show through it, then it could all go in vain. On the other hand, you could be dressed in your sweatpants and a running shirt, and still look like a million bucks if you are confident in your skin.

Being confident in your appearance could help you achieve a positive state of mind that is required for you to hit it big in a highly competitive world. Or simply, to be happy within your persona no matter what you do.

And that is where the dental veneer procedure comes into play.

When you are confident in the appearance, color, and shape of your teeth, you get naturally bolder to show them off. Whenever there’s a reason to smile, you don’t have to hide it behind the palm of your hand. You don’t have to nod your head at an amusing quip made by your friends. And you don’t have to look emotionless just because you feel shy in displaying a smile that is anything but perfect.

Instead, you can flaunt those pearly whites with the confidence that they deserve. And that actually has more positive effects on you that you could ever realize.

Apart from boosting your self-esteem, smiling without holding back could improve your mood.

According to research, a simple smile could release more serotonin, or pleasure-inducing hormone, into your brain than a bite of chocolate could.

And those are not all the hormones that a great smile brings to the table. Endorphins and dopamine are right along with serotonin on this journey to make you happier.

And to think that a smile was only there to make you look pretty.

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