Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Get Lash Extensions

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Get Lash Extensions

Summer is here, and you know what that means! Innovative hair designs, funky colors, and a whole lot of neon bikinis. If you are thinking about doing some new changes: go for it girl.

In this article, we’re going to talk about one specific trend in which every girl should do at least once in her lifetime. This trend is called permanent lash extensions. And no, these are not strip lashes, glue-on lashes, fake lashes, or natural eyelashes – just lash extensions. A fluffy accessory that enhances your natural beauty, and that every woman should rock (especially during the summer season).

Here are our top reasons why you should get lash extensions a shot at least once in your life:

1. Longevity

If you are worried about investing a significant sum of money into a trend which can easily fade, know that lash extensions do not fall under this category. In fact, lash extensions have got an amazing and impressive life span which totally justifies their price point. Mostly, they range from $50-100, but in return, they last for 2-3 weeks! This means that they can easily cover the entire length of your summer holiday, your beach or pool days, as well as the never-ending packing and traveling moments.

If you need some volume, fluff, and definition around your eyelids 24/7, you are going to love lash extensions. After these 2-3 weeks pass, they will shed on their own.

Once this process starts to happen, you should re-visit your technician and ask for a refill. These refills are usually 50% cheaper than the initial application, which even furthermore justifies their price point.

2. Durability

Worried that your face will melt off and fall apart once you go for a swim?

No, not with lash extensions at least. These are glued on top of your natural eyelashes and are a lot heavier, as well as made out of finer quality materials than your typical glue-on lashes.

In fact, extensions can survive excessive heat, swimming, tanning, as well as any outdoor or indoor activities. Since they are made out of faux mink, mink, or synthetic materials this makes them super sturdy and comfortable to wear.

Also, no reason for coats and coats of your trusted ‘waterproof’ mascara. This one also probably ends up smearing around your lids and gives you that panda eye, right? Lash extensions (once done the right way) will look voluminous and won’t need any lash curlers, glue-on lashes, or mascaras.

These are a fantastic solution which won’t come off at any point, no matter the weather conditions.

3. Amazing Accessory

Since eyes are the window to our soul, why not decorate them the best way possible?

If you are a makeup wearer and lover, you should settle with these for 2-3 weeks during your holidays. They will make your life a lot easier, will save you time early in the morning, and will let you grab additional 10-15 minutes of your beauty sleep, each day! Think about it — no reason to wear any other eye makeup besides your extensions.

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The eyeliner itself will look too over the top, it can smear, and mascaras can tug on your extensions. Also, mascaras are filled with alcohol, which is a component which you should avoid once you get lash extensions. Why? Anything that is too drying on the lids is a big no-no since it can break your extensions in half. This also means that alcohol filled makeup removers and wipes should be put on hold, for a while.

4. Different Designs

Lastly, if you are a fan of unique and original makeup, lash extensions have your back. This makeup trend can be customized per your taste and preference.

In fact, you can choose everything – starting with the length, thickness, and material of your lash extensions. Some women prefer a voluminous outcome, and that’s why they stick with Russian lashes.

Others who are more into soft and natural options will go for that natural infill. You can also ask your lash expert for advice and what they believe would look good on you. This also depends a lot on your eye shape and eye color, since not everyone can rock the same design/pattern just as well. Make sure you talk the process through with them if you want to end up with the most beautiful lashes for this summer!

Ready To Get Them?

If you are a fan of makeup + practical solutions, why not get lash extensions? These are a must-have if you are trying to save some time early in the morning, and especially if you want to look glam when at the beach. They are not too pricey either, so why not give them a try?

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Get Lash Extensions

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