1. Kourtney Kardashian Explains Poosh, and Her Personal Approach to Clean Beauty – After piquing curiosity with a naked photo and new Instagram account, today Kourtney Kardashian is officially unveiling her beauty and wellness website, Poosh. It’s named for her daughter Penelope, now 6, and dedicated to sharing Kardashian’s breadth of knowledge on living a well-balanced life. “It’s a place of discovery,” she explains of the site. With product recommendations, recipes, and interviews with wellness experts, Poosh will be “curating a lifestyle that’s very much the lifestyle that I lead,” Kardashian adds. Read more on Vogue
  2. Mercedes Takes on Artist and His “Aggressive Shakedown Effort” Over Instagram Post – Mercedes Benz is taking a group of artists to court over a series of Instagram posts – and simultaneously sending a message that it will not stand for anyone’s alleged “shakedown efforts.” The U.S. arm of the German automaker filed four separate suits in a federal court in Michigan on Friday, alleging that counsel for artists Daniel Bombardier, James “Dabls” Lewis, Jeff Soto and Maxx Gramajo threatened it with copyright infringement lawsuits if it “did not pay a substantial sum of money” in connection with the appearance of their murals in the background of images that appeared on its Instagram account last year. Read more on TFL
  3. Meet the baby influencers wearing Air Jordans and Supreme – They’re too young to walk, but they can still wear kicks. Read more on Vox
  4. Supermodel Pat Cleveland Has Been Diagnosed With Colon Cancer – Legendary supermodel Pat Cleveland was the talk of the town when she walked during the Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya 70s-inspired runway show at Paris Fashion Week last month. But after hitting the runway, the 68-year-old supermodel was rushed to the hospital where she was later diagnosed with colon cancer. Now, her family members are asking for financial support to help Cleveland cover medical costs. Read more on Elle



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