Daily Links: April 9, 2019

  1. With a Rise in Lab-Grown Diamonds, Disclosure and Questions of Value Become Hot Topics – A new group of diamonds stands out as being more perfect than almost all others in the $14 billion diamond market. They are completely colorless – making them, in the eyes of the Gemological Institute of America, among just 2 percent of the diamonds in the world. They are almost or entirely devoid of impurities, and thus, boast a measure of clarity that borders on flawless, and the level of brilliance at play here is unmatched by virtually all other sparklers. Read more on TFL
  2. Hailey Baldwin Is the New Face of Levi’s 501 – A seminal fashion label teaming up with one of fashion’s It models (who also happens to be married to a mega pop star) makes a lot of sense, especially when said model is Hailey Bieber and the brand is none other than Levi’s. Today Levi’s announced Hailey Bieber as the face of its signature 501 denim, the brand’s original blue jean. Read more on Elle
  3. In China, Even Luxury Goods Authentication Services Are Being Faked – A central part of the premise of luxury consignment platform The RealReal is its dedication to ensuring that the Chanel bags, Alaïa frocks, and Manolo mules you are buying are real. The San Francisco-based site touts itself as “the leader in authenticated luxury consignment.” Rival Vestiaire Collective similarly boasts about its grade-A offerings, which are “expertly checked for 100% quality and authenticity.” Even eBay has made inroads in this realm, introducing a network of brand experts to its service in order to verify the authenticity of goods being offered for sale in its marketplace. Read more on TFL
  4. What the Does ‘Business Casual’ Even Mean Anymore? – As a write this, to one side I see ELLE.com’s style director, Nikki Ogunnaike, wearing a cardigan buttoned all the way up, conservatively tucked into khakis. She’s a staunch “no belly buttons at the office” kind of dresser. In front of me, writer Chloe Hall is wearing Cool Person sweat pants and sneakers. I share the elevator with employees in suits—but I cross my arms to hide the fact that I’m not wearing a bra. Since the ’80s and the rise of Silicon Valley’s laid-back company culture, office dress codes are increasingly more lax– and therefore more confusing. Which prompts us to ask: what the hell does business casual even mean anymore? Read more on Elle

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