1. Red Carpet Pay-for-Play and the Legality of Designer Endorsements – Ever look at the dresses (and suits) that make it to the red carpet and wonder how they got there? An interesting aspect of the red carpet that is often lost on the industry outsider is the secret, paid-for deals between celebrities and their stylists, and fashion brands that occur and enable certain dresses to make it onto these highly-visible red carpets in lieu of others. Such deals, while otherwise perfectly legal, may venture into the territory of legally problematic as a result of the federal truth in advertising laws. Read more TFL
  2. Are Uggs kosher? Rabbis say the boots might violate Jewish law. – There is perhaps no shoe in the world more enduring than the Ugg boot. A style that takes cues from the surfers of Australia, the Deckers-owned Ugg brand is a billion-dollar enterprise that just never seems to go away. Read more on Vox
  3. A Stylist Explains the Practical Reason Meghan Markle Might Love Her Low-Bun Look So Much – Things Meghan Markle loves: Cooking, Prince Harry, doing charity work, and wearing her hair in a low bun. now, thanks to a London stylist, we might have some new insight into why she loves the low bun so much. Read more on Marie Claire
  4. Why the ‘Amazon coat’ from this Chinese brand is a must-have for US consumers – A $129.99 winter coat by Chinese fashion label Orolay has become a number one best-seller on Amazon, becoming so popular it is now known as the “Amazon coat, ” after going viral on social media. Read more on CNBC



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