1. The Messy Legal History of the Oscars’ $100,000-Plus Swag Bags – In 2001, the organizers of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences annual Awards got into the gift-giving spirit. They decided that they would give nominees and presenters a gift bag, stuffed with tens of thousands of dollars of pricey skincare products, tech gadgets, jewelry, exotic trips, spa treatments, and the like. The value of each bag varied per year, but in 2005, one bag alone was estimated to ring up to more than $150,000, a dollar figure than made headlines and started a legal probe. Read more on TFL
  2. Is your face wash damaging your skin? – You know that what you wash your face with can completely make or break your complexion. That’s because your cleanser can determine how naturally glowy and hydrated your skin is, how often you breakout, plus how your skin reacts to every product you apply next. Read more on Elle
  3. A teen is suing her school for banning her from wearing a MAGA hat – A California teenager was prohibited from wearing her “Make America Great Again” hat in school, so she’s suing the school district. Read more on Vox
  4. Target is inviting retailers to its website — taking a different approach than Walmart and Amazon to grow online – Mizuno sneakers and some other brands may soon be using Target.com to sell their products directly to you. Read more on CNBC



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