2019 Fashion Trends To Get Excited About

2019 Fashion Trends To Get Excited About

When it comes to fashion, it’s never too early to take a sneak peek and see what you’ll be loving come spring.

As always, the fashion spring collections did not disappoint. It’s a general rule of thumb that spring lines and trends are always better than fall/winter ones.

However, there are so many amazing trends that you can rock right now, so in the recent years, the competition between these seasons has been fierce.

With that, the breezier seasons are generally a fan-favorite as we get to see much more color and experimentation with prints and cuts.

So, without any further ado, we present to you the finest trends you’re bound to rock as soon as the first rays of spring sun hit.

The conspicuous beach goddess

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Many designers took fun in the sun into account when creating their lines, and let us tell you, there is absolutely something for everyone.

Calvin Klein put on a cult movie-inspired show. Namely, Raf Simons used Jaws and The Graduate as his inspiration, because ‘Disasters happen but they turn again into beauty and beauty is around us and it can oftentimes turn into disaster’.

There were Jaws-logoed one-pieces with deconstructed florals meshed with the leopard print, so it’s a whole print and pattern-filled extravaganza.

Prada also gave its own rendition of the summer vibes with the hippie-print dresses, and beachy vibes were spotted on numerous other runways from Etro, Sportmax and the list goes on.

Whatever your beachwear tastes are, you’ll love what these designers have in store for you.

The new ‘it’ color?

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We expected a plethora of earth tones from such brands as Burberry, but we didn’t think that the beige galore would take over all of the runways across all four main fashion capitals.

Granted, it is a great transition color, perfect for mixing and matching with more ostentatious statement pieces. So, if Burberry isn’t your cup of tea – although they created an incredible line under new creative leadership – you can pursue your beige dreams with Jill Sander, and even look ethereal in beige in Dior. Beige, apparently isn’t only for casual-wear only anymore.

If Dior is making suits and extravagant ruffled skirts worthy of a ball in beige, it might just be the new black. Max Mara presented a gorgeous beige polished line, amazing for career-goal getters, so when in doubt, guess we’ll be going for beige.

The most feminine of them all

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For a while there it seemed that lace had fallen out of the designers’ graces, but now it’s back and it looks more feminine and luxurious than we remember it.

Everyone from Victoria Beckham, Christopher Kane and Alexander Wang to Erdem and Elie Saab embraced the lace with open arms, so whether you want to rock a chic shirt to work or dazzle at a party, you are definitely loaded with options.

Lace is the perfect companion of tulle, so we expect there to be plenty of amalgamations of this variety.

A girl’s best friend

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When it comes to accessories, there are two types of women – those who look for interesting shoes and those who keep their eyes on the bags.

Well, we’re here to let you know that some of the most popular bags for the upcoming season will be the gorgeous and practical satchel. All kinds of animal-print bags are a very close second.

In third place, thanks to the return of logomania we’ll be rocking a great deal of logo-patterned bags – case in point Dior, as well as more subtle ones that only contain the logo on the clasp. They come in large varieties from structured to soft totes, micro bags, midi crossbody ones, but rest assured, the logo will rule the spring.

Where there are bags…

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There are inevitably shoes as well.

Now, we’re all well aware of the domination of the ugly sneaker trend that was started by such brands as Balenciaga and is now all over the streets, Instagram, and the runways. There is no escaping the ugly shoes, so we might as well give in to the clunky comfort of the ugly sneakers.

Now, speaking of ugly yet comfortable, we would be well-advised to buy Crocs online as well. The ultimate ugly shoe just happens to be the most comfortable one as well.

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Now, we have had some good laughs about them, but they are the ultimate fashion statement, so just as with ugly sneakers, we should just embrace the comfort the Crocs give and enjoy their trendiness while it last.

As for the ‘beautiful’ shoes out there, any heels with any animal print will be all the rage, along with slingbacks in highly embellished textures and sandals with a whole lot of buckles.  

Fun, vamp, practical

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When it comes to shoes, midi block heel sandals will be a complete must, and if Chanel is any indicator of trends (and we know it is) there will be plenty of see-through moments with sandals and footwear in general.

For those looking for something with more of an edge, the vampy pointed-toe murky floral stilettos will be irresistible, something along the lines of these stunning Alexander McQueen ones.

Snake-print loafers, pumps and virtually any type of shoe you can imagine will be spotted on the street, and among all the animal-prints, this is probably our favorite as it exudes much classier vibes compared to the others from its family.

Slouch boots will be perfect for the transition season, along with the floral ankle-boots.

For those who still have a soft spot for the athleisure trend, worry not, the sneaker is safe, especially if you go for the chunky dad sneaker.

Patterns, patterns everywhere

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Finally, we’ve come to prints and patterns.

Judging by the runways both happy and murky florals will be dominant, and yes, they are indeed groundbreaking.  According to both Tom Ford and Dior, black will still remain the new black, especially if you go for something in patent leather.

The checked print will be safe and sound. Of course, Chanel will never allow for tweed to go out of style, so grab a jacket or an entire pastel tweed suit for those days when you want to either look extra professional or extra posh.

Animal print will inevitably end up on everything from spring coats to bags, shoes, skirts, blouses and dresses, so pick your battles wisely and don’t succumb to every trend. Pick them according to your personality and make sure they don’t compromise your style.

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