5 Ways To Organize Seasonal Clothing And Accessories

As the new season approaches, it is imperative to have the appropriate clothes on hand.

For example, with the fall and winter seasons upon us, while your summer apparel may not take up too much space, your heavier clothes do. That said, you might want to make as much room as possible, opening up more real estate for those heavier and warmer pieces.

Additionally, even if you decide that all your clothes for whatever season can fit in the wardrobe, it can be inefficient. Imagine spending half an hour just finding that skirt or even a simple t-shirt you want to wear.

The key to closet organization is to find something that works for you and your lifestyle. Here are some tips to remember.


Sometimes it’s inevitable to buy new clothes, especially if you need them or if you want to be trendy. When you do this every season, your closet is likely to be overflowing. If you haven’t tidied up in the past season, you need to start now.

Sorting is essential because it allows you to go through all your clothes and dispose of what you don’t use anymore. Put things in piles for giving away, for donation, or selling. 

High-value items that you don’t use anymore fetch a pretty price even if they’re sold secondhand. Consider setting up an online store to sell your unused things conveniently.

You can always use the extra money.

Designate Shelf Space

Properly store the remaining clothes you have by designating a shelf space. If you plan to buy containers, it helps to measure the area to ensure everything fits. You can also add shelf liners to protect your clothes. Some liners are scented to help your clothes smell fresh longer.

5 Ways To Organize Seasonal Clothing And Accessories

Sort By Type + Fold

You need to utilize the space you’ve freed up by carefully folding the clothes you need to store. A tip is to organize the garments by type and by color. You can sort by season as well. For example, the heavier garments (e.g., jeans, overalls, dress pants) are at the bottom. This is followed by sweaters, blouses, skirts, then tops. Find an organizational system that you like.

If the designated space is not enough or if you have more clothes than you’ve anticipated, get yourself a big under-the-bed bin or several. You can toss additional clothing there, and because it is stored under the bed, it’s out of the way.

Use Shapers

Nothing is worse than the feeling of discovering your favorite pair of boots bent and out of shape as you take it out of storage. Those could have been your investment items that are too rare or too damaged to be repaired. That is why proper storage is important.

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Use shapers for your handbags and boots if you want to maintain your favorite items. You can buy shapers or make them yourself. The same can be said for clothes that need the right type of hanger as well.

Clean Before Storing

It goes without saying, but you need to clean seasonal clothes before storing them. Heavy clothing such as sweaters and coats don’t really need regular cleaning like most clothes do. However, take a bit of time every year to have them dry-cleaned before you store them.

When clothes are clean, there are fewer chances of them attracting moths and other insects that can destroy your garments. Stains that aren’t taken care of right away may darken with time. Additionally, please stay away from starch because it can attract pests.

Make The Process A Habit

It’s important to make the process of sorting and organizing a habit every season. If you live in an area with four seasons, you may think that doing it quarterly can be a hassle. Some seasons are similar, so if you can get away with sorting only twice a year, then make sure you have a workable system you can manage.

Do you have tips on organizing and storing seasonal clothes? Share them below in the comments.

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