Are You Sporting The Right Hat? Tips On How To Pick The Perfect Hat To Suit Your Face

Finding a hat that you love can be a little tricky. There are plenty of people that find hats intimidating; after all, they can make quite a statement. On the flip side, however, when worn with confidence, a hat can really pull together an outfit.

Find a Hat to Suit Your Face

Unlike choosing a watch or a pair of earrings, you have to consider your canvas a little more closely when choosing a hat. The first step in deciding on your new hat is to identify your face shape and choose a style to suit it. The great thing about hats is that you can actively change how your face looks by carefully choosing hats that accentuate some features by playing with scale.

Oval – if you’re lucky enough to have an oval face then you can wear almost any style. Because your face is balanced and in proportion, there are no hat shapes that should be avoided, just remember that the crown of the hat should always be wider than your cheekbones and that the brim of the hat should never be wider than your shoulders.

Are You Sporting The Right Hat? Tips On How To Pick The Perfect Hat To Suit Your Face

Round – if you have a round face, then the width of your face should be greater than the length. In order to gain some length to your face, choose hats with sharp lines, high brims, and tall crowns. If you pick a hat with a strong brim, then wear it at an angle to create the illusion of height. Always try to avoid rounded crowns, such as bowler hats, or those with a floppy shapeless look.

Heart – heart-shaped faces have a forehead that’s significantly wider than the chin, so it’s important to choose a hat with at least a medium-sized brim, so as not to make your forehead appear wider. Other than that, heart-shaped faces can wear most hat styles!

Square – if you have both a broad forehead and a wide jaw then you have a square-shaped face. Like those with round faces, try to wear your brims at an angle. Hats with curvy lines will help to soften and feminize a broad jaw, while a hat that sits high on the forehead will elongate your face.

Favorite Hat Styles

There are some hats that we’re just never going to love no matter how much they suit us, despite the bucket hat’s foray back into fashion this season; it’s a difficult one to fall in love with. On the other hand, there are certain hats that will always be stylish – these are the ones we’ll focus on.

Cowboy Hat

Are You Sporting The Right Hat_ Tips On How To Pick The Perfect Hat To Suit Your Face
The Cowboy Hat is a timeless classic

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that the cowboy hat is a fashion statement. This wide-brimmed beauty is brought out season after season, yet never seems to grow old. It suits a myriad of face shapes and can be worn like a true cowboy in tan suede, or nowadays it’s possible to find glamorous versions in pink or white.


Another undisputed classic is the beret. This French fancy has the potential to be elegant and chic, but can also begin to look a bit fancy-dress if styled wrong.

How To Pick The Perfect Hat To Suit Your Face

Try to avoid wearing other ‘French’ garments with a beret, so say “no” to the stripy top, red neck scarf or string of onions. A beret is best in winter, so try pairing it with a smart camel coat and casual jeans, for an oh-so magnifique look!

Baseball Cap

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If you’re aiming for a casual daytime look, then the baseball cap could be your friend. Choose a brand that you identify with and rock it.

Are You Sporting The Right Hat_ Tips On How To Pick The Perfect Hat To Suit Your Face

As well as being great for keeping the sun off (hello young skin!) baseball caps are also great for hiding a bad hair day. Team it with a smart-casual outfit and some bright white trainers for an effortless sports-luxe look.


Finally, the Panama hat. Similar in shape to the cowboy hat, Panamas are just a little bit more feminine. These hats were originally handwoven in Ecuador and are perfect for keeping you cool and shaded in the summer sun.

Are You Sporting The Right Hat_ Tips On How To Pick The Perfect Hat To Suit Your Face

A wide brim with a decorative ribbon brings a certain country club elegance to any outfit, while a lighter weave gives a nod to the safari vibe. Whatever look you’re going for this summer, a great Panama will make sure you’re outfit looks sophisticated.

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