How To Find The Perfect Swimsuit For Any Body Type

How To Find The Perfect Swimsuit For Any Body Type

For those who already plan on escaping the cold for some fun in the sun… 1) we’re totally jealous and 2) you should totally be able to do it without worrying about the way your body looks. After all, there are tons of swimsuits to accommodate every body type.

So, find one that flatters your form. Here’s how.

Swimsuits for All by Body Type

People come in all shapes and sizes. Fortunately, so do bathing suits! You can find a look that lets you step out onto the beach in style. Choose the best swimsuit that you can rock with confidence.

Tiny Top

The struggle is real when trying to find a suit that fits a tiny top without flattening everything out. Stay away from strapless tops that may slide down.

Wrap tops help create a lift that maximizes what you have. Ruffled tops and bold patterns offer the illusion of more, as do padded basic bikini tops. 


A bigger top needs more support. Without the proper support, sagging or slip outs may occur.

One-piece swoop necks flatter larger tops. Halter bikinis also help keep everything held up. Keep away from a small bikini top, unless it comes with super-secure straps to avoid showing more than you intend.

Belly Fluff

Most of us ladies do not look like the Baywatch babes. Children and real-life can lead to love-handles, but you can tuck your tummy away with the right swimsuit. 

Try a layered one piece that ruffles down the front to divert attention. High waisted swimsuits allow you to still wear a bikini top and show off some skin.

You may want to opt against pastels that show everything or horizontal stripes that widen. Darker colors and verticle stripes create a slimming effect.

How To Find The Perfect Swimsuit For Any Body Type
Lanky Lady

Some women feel insecure about their long, lanky bodies. Choosing swimwear that breaks up the body will take attention away from their length.

Long torso swimsuits come in both one-pieces and tankinis. Find one with shapes cut out or colored geometric shapes.

Short Stuff

Little ladies may want to create more length. The right swimsuit will create the appearance of a longer torso.

One-pieces with verticle stripes will do wonders for extending your body length. Also, thick buckles and embellishments directly under the bust or slightly below the waist will create the same effect.

You can wear a two-piece as well! Choose a high cut top and low cut bottoms to make more length in the middle.

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An athletic build can look amazing in a bathing suit, but certain cuts accentuate the womanly shapes better than others. 

Triangle top bikinis help feminize bulky shoulders a bit. Split band tops and bottoms will show off your build but still keep it looking ladylike. If you prefer a one-piece, go for super strappy backs or cutouts that show skin at the waists to accentuate your lady-like figure.

Big Bottom

Bigger bottom girls look womanly in almost anything, but they need to take extra precautions to keep it all covered.

Stay away from the high waisted bottoms that tend to pull up, showing more on the bottom. Also, bold patterns will make everything stand out even more. Try cute swim shorts in a solid cover!

Look Amazing at the Beach

Every woman deserves to feel like a babe at the beach. Fortunately, you can find swimsuits for all body types!

Choose from one of these styles and walk through the sand with confidence. Check out more fashion tips on our website!

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