How To Up Your Wrist Game

Whether you’re the type who feels naked without a watch or you’re someone who wants to start wearing one, watches either way, not only provide functionality but it’s a great way to up your wrist game no matter what season you’re in.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a sleek watch that doubles as a bracelet, a tech watch, a luxury watch that you can pass down to your children, or a simple everyday piece that won’t break the bank, don’t’ worry, I’ve got you covered. 

Check out my selection of women’s watches that can fit every type of mood, event, or lifestyle:

The Ultimate Classic

When looking for something you can rock wear every day, my best tip is opting for something classy and simple.

After all, the true beauty in an everyday watch is the simplicity in the design and its ability to be versatile. These watches are typically not overly “trendy,” hence being a “classic,” pairs well with everything and can instantly elevate any outfit.

When on the hunt for your perfect everyday watch, look for something sturdy, either features a leather band or a silver or gold link bracelet and isn’t too costly as it will go through some wear and tear over time.

 The Dressy Watch

A Stuhrling women’s original featuring a mother of pearl dial and a and crystal-studded bezel is a fantastic option. The piece is genuinely sophisticated and is within a price point everyone can be comfortable with. 

Always go for a piece that is elegant but is slightly understated. A little glim of sparkle can bring up any outfit, especially a LBD (little black dress). 

The Sporty Tech Watch

If you’re searching for a watch that can accommodate your more active lifestyle, it’s really important to take note of the type of activity you and your watch will be enduring and ask yourself:

  • Will I need a built-in heart-rate sensor?
  • Does my watch need to be waterproof?
  • Should it track my exercises? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should opt for an advanced watch like Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active which features an eye-catching design and the ability to guide you through multiple exercises simultaneously.

But if you’re looking for something that counts your steps, there really isn’t a need to invest in a jam-packed timepiece. In this case, a reasonably priced watch like the Withings Move watch will do just fine. This watch is fantastic for budget-conscious buyers. 

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How To Pick The Perfect Watch For Any Event or Lifestyle

The piece is priced well below $100, is fully waterproof and can track your daily progress.

The Glamour Event Piece

And if you’re in search of the perfect glam timepiece, opt for something luxurious and can ultimately be passed down for generations.

How To Pick The Perfect Watch For Any Event or Lifestyle

This is the perfect opportunity to go vintage or opt for ultimate classics such as the Rolex or Patek Philippe. These watches are typically marked as investment pieces and will slowly rise in value, so if you have the ability to invest in a designer classic, do it.

No matter the mood, event or lifestyle, finding the perfect watch is totally and completely doable. Just keep in mind how the watch will be used, the budget you have and the style you adore the most. From there, you can decide if a sporty watch is more in line or maybe something a bit more glammed. But no matter what, you’re still taking steps towards upping your wrist game.

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