Stop Overthinking It. Here’s How To Choose The Perfect Sneaker

How To Choose The Perfect Sneaker

When it comes to sneakers, you’d think there isn’t much to say. However, if that’s your mindset, you’d be far from the truth. There are more styles of sneakers than you can imagine, the manmade materials from which they are made (some of which we can’t even pronounce let alone spell!), and then there is cost which is, unfortunately, on everyone’s list.

Having said that, do you know what to look for in sneakers for summer and fall of 2019?

Here is a breakdown of what you should consider:

Avant-Garde Designs Are Trending

Before going any further, the one thing you should know is that avant-garde styles are trending. In fact, this is so much the case that world-famous Adidas teamed up with the renowned Belgium designer Raf Simons to create a line of footwear in a limited edition.

Raf Simons Adidas is about as colorful and avant-garde as they come, so when searching for summer footwear, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Adidas Raf Simons.

Check out sites like to get a really good look at the amazing high fashion Adidas styles by Raf Simons. You can even shop in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese without a Google translator. How sweet is that?

Comfort Is Utmost

While style is essential for any man about town, don’t forget that comfort is utmost.

Why buy a trendy pair of designer sneakers only to find that you can’t keep them on your feet for more than an hour without experiencing excruciating pain?

That’s something Adidas is famous for because they are known as the science behind the industry. Their scientific approach to footwear makes them leaders in both fashion and comfort, so again you can’t go wrong with Raf Simons Adidas.

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A Strong Focus on Lifestyle

Remember, not all sneakers fit your lifestyle equally well. Some are meant for sports and others are meant for casual wear.

With comfort in mind, it’s also important to be cognizant of the fact that comfort goes hand in hand with lifestyle. If it’s a casual day at the office and you sit at your desk from 9 to 5, then comfort can play second to fashion.

Typically, however, you will want to opt for comfort because who would buy a pair of designer sneakers they could only wear to the office and not out for a night on the town? If you have an unlimited budget, go for it. But if you did, you probably wouldn’t be working a 9 to 5 with a dress code, now would you?

So, when you start your hunt for the perfect sneaker for summer and fall of 2019, begin with designers you know that make quality footwear and go from there. Keep comfort in mind, but choose styles that fit your lifestyle, and that will be versatile enough to wear in multiple settings. Don’t let the cost dissuade you either. It is always better to opt for better footwear because those two little appendages at the bottom of your body carry all that weight every day of the week. While you don’t need to go for broke, you do need to go for the best. That’s the bottom line.

How To Choose The Perfect Sneaker

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