The Perfect Gift This Holiday For Any Loved One: The Three Stone Birthstone Necklace

Birthstone necklaces are beautiful pieces of jewelry crafted to honor your birth month. Not only are they reflections of your uniqueness, but they are also garbed with the precious stones associated with your particular month. 

A 3 stone birthstone necklace with its unique embellishments and fine-crafted elegance make a beautiful adornment on your loved one’s neck. It creates a beautiful aura of personality and creates a classic and glamorous appeal to every woman. 

What are the birthstone gems?

Several historical accounts relate to the origin of birthstones. The first influences are believed to date back to biblical times during the times of the prophet, Aaron. Biblical stories tell of the twelve gemstones on the breastplate of the prophet, which represents the twelve chosen tribes of Israel.

This might be one reliable source on the origin of the birthstone, but many cultures hold some account on the traditions and use of gems. These stones were believed to cocoon the powers of the Greek gods, and the Romans sought the metaphysical powers of the gemstones. 

Stones of each month are garnet, amethyst, aquamarine, diamond, emerald, pearl, and alexandrite for the first six months. The list is followed by ruby, peridot, sapphire, opal or tourmaline, citrine or topaz, and blue zircon, turquoise, or tanzanite for the last months. 

 The cultural significance of birthstones

Throughout the years, we have looked at nature for these precious stones. A significant aspect of its cultural relevance lies with how these gems represent our inner qualities. Take, for example, a diamond that has been given the co-equivalence of eternity.

Such cultural denotation transcends human culture, and its impact can be felt just as quickly as they are acquired. And consequentially, these precious stones become part of our social status. 

A three-stone birthstone necklace embellished with three precious stones in a gold chain adds a touch of simple elegance. It offers the wearer a personalized look and significant jewelry that only she can connect.  

Birthstones are culturally significant because they represent an individual birth month and the significance of the event. It is a highly valued possession among women and brings an individualistic appeal. 

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Choosing the right birthstone necklace 

There are many ways to choose birthstone jewelry, but more of the thought goes into the design and its properties. Although you might be stuck to a particular gemstone, it does not stop you from choosing the color and the size of the stone you would like. 

More adequately, these stones can be fitted into either silver or gold chains. But most people would go for a gold chain to highlight the significance and look of the gem. Gold also adds a classic look compared to other metal chains. It also adds more value to your possession and gives it a different elegance. 

With the comeback of gemstones in the jewelry market, it can be easy to get lost with the many types of necklaces – both size and shape. Considering your overall taste will help you determine which chain appropriately fits your style. 

Most women go for classy and straightforward designs without intricate filigrees and delicate traceries. The simplicity of a necklace highlights the precious gems, giving it a unique appeal and lush meaning. 

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