Top Five Fashion Trends to Look Out for This Fall

Top Five Fashion Trends to Look Out for This Fall

Sure, it is summer, but we’re all looking forward to the fall. Most people love September for the crisp air, pumpkin spice, the rainbow leaves, and everything in between. And most of us, we love it for the fashion.

Fall is when beautiful colors reemerge, and silhouettes get more structured. Forget Starbucks PSLs, autumn fashion is everything.

Fall Fashion: Fall on its Trends

The fall season has a way of sneaking up, just as you’re delighting in those last beach days and poolside chill moments. Swiftly, the frantic search for a pair of snow boots or cute winter jacket directs to some disappointing last-minute purchases. Worry no more; all that ends today. 

Snap out of the summer mode for a brief minute and refresh on the fall 2019 fashion trends. Start adding pieces of clothing style and authentic watches to your top list, and you’ll be onward of the game.

Top Five Fashion Trends to Look Out for This Fall

Modern Romance

Bow finishes and ruffled necklines were in lavishness on the fall runways, but they all came with a modern and fashionable twist.

Top Five Fashion Trends to Look Out for This Fall
Source: Free People

Dark denim balances out a Victorian blouse and silhouettes splash with a quirky graphic print. No matter how you cut it, there are methods to bring a contemporary edge to your romantic aspect.

Plaid Party

The years of stripes are gone. This time, it’s about a while to put the limelight on plaid. This style has been a classic print, but the instant it emerged back on the runway, people just fell in love with it all over again.

Top Five Fashion Trends to Look Out for This Fall
Source: Lorna Luxe

Blazers and coats are a calm way to surprise, but we can find patterns everywhere from skirts and pants to scarves and shoes. For a trendy suit look, try combining different types of plaids.

Polka Dots

The renaissance of the dotted print is far away from slowing down. If you’re targeting for a feminine and youthful aesthetic, polka-dots should be your best companion.

Jewel Tones

Nobody does the monochromatic ensemble better. You can bet these must-have pieces will enthuse more and more fashion houses to follow suit. Whether you go for a fuchsia-colored coat or a teal silk top, get ready to brighten up your all-black fall outfit.

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Animal Prints and Moody Floral

Minimalism is out this season. The more prints you match and blend, the better. Animal prints, however, are now leading the print game! From customary leopard to wilder iterations like zebra, you’re undoubtedly right on track. 

Top Five Fashion Trends to Look Out for This Fall
Source: Top Shop

If you are bold enough, try blending an animal print with a plaid floral print in a similar color family. If you’re so motivated and inclined, why not do all three?


All through the summer, we’ve let the warm weather direct what we’re going to wear. Linen tops, strappy sandals, breezy skirts, every piece served only one objective – to keep us from melting in the intense heat.

Fall, the season of anything-goes fashion, is in our midst now. We’re lastly free and open to style ourselves with unrestrained. Add to that the detail that this season carries hundreds of fresh collections, and you’ve got all the creativeness you need for the apparel of your pick.

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