5 Things to Do After Every Workout

5 Things to Do After Every Workout

While there tends to be so much emphasis on pre-workout activities and the workout itself, did you know that the post-workout program is equally a critical part of the fitness routine?

Post-workout activities enable you to cool down, re-energize, and recover, so you can be ready to get the most out of the next session.

Here are some key post-workout tips that are simple but vital, and will not take too much time:

1. Cooling down

After an intense workout, you may find yourself easily tempted to dismiss cooling down after a workout, especially when you are short of time and/or exhuasted, but doing so will do a huge disservice to your body.

Cooling down involves bringing your heart rate down, workouts raise it considerably and will help you have better heart health. Cooling down sessions also enable you to have a greater and easier recovery.

These cooling down sessions are also highly recommended as you are very likely to feel dizzy if you stop abruptly after an exercise. Why? Workouts can lower your blood pressure.

For your cool down session, you might want to consider taking a walk or a light jog to keep your body in motion. Such activities allow you to gradually lower your heart rate. This should take about 10 minutes.

2. Stretching

Stretching is crucial in fitness.

You should devote some time after your workout to stretch your muscles when they are still warm. Doing so helps to increase flexibility by increasing your range of motion.

Also, stretching enhances posture, especially during exercise, and reduces the chances of tendon overload and possible injuries.

When stretching, concentrate more on the major muscle groups when stretching, including your legs, hips, back, and chest.

3. Hydrating

Drinking water after a serious workout seems pretty obvious, but some people ignore it.

Rehydration is among the most important things you should do after a workout because recovery postworkout while dehydrated is impossible. During a workout, you’ll notice that you have a tendency to lose tons of body fluids, mostly through sweating. With that, you should replenish your loss of fluids immediately after exercising.

Remember to keep a water bottle with you during your workout and take several gulps during your training. Once your workout is complete, remember to drink more water, your body will thank you during your recovering process and will be ready for your next session.

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4. Refueling

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When your muscles call for some sustenance soon after the workout, you should listen.

Protein shakes have become popular for post-workout refueling. Most fitness diet experts recommend a solid dose of protein as soon as possible after working out to help start the muscle restoration process, as your muscles are likely worn out.

They recommend at least 20 grams of protein, which can be supplied by many of the protein powders. You can also get your protein supply from foods like Greek yogurt, cottage cheese (low-fat), and beef jerky.

Your muscles need some protein to repair themselves and to grow before the next workout session.

5. Get some good rest and enough sleep

Body muscle repair occurs properly when you are resting and while asleep. You must prioritize getting some quality sleep (at least 7 hours), the same way you do for workouts and nutrition. Failure to get enough sleep could lead to becoming worn out or even burning out, which could result inbeing unable to go for subsequent workout sessions.


To relax your muscles and speed up recovery after exercise, you should shower and use a foam roller. Also, remember to track your progress, with a smartphone app, a watch, and/or pen and paper, to see if you are improving.

5 Things to Do After Every Workout

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