Top Tips To Consider When Choosing The Perfect Wedding Venue

Top Tips To Consider When Choosing The Perfect Wedding Venue

At the very onset, the idea of booking the perfect wedding venue for your upcoming big day may seem like a breeze. Initially, you make think that there isn’t much that goes into booking yourself your dream hall, ballroom, or any other space to entertain your wedding guests.

But that’s really far from the truth.

In fact, booking a wedding venue that’s even considered ‘good enough’ requires a lot more than setting your budget, choosing the day/ date, and signing on the bottom line. There are plenty of other things that have to be considered as well to zero in on the right choice. Here are some expert tips and guidelines to understand the nuances of selecting the right wedding venue and booking it for the D-Day. 

What to Find Out While Booking a Wedding Venue?

It would help to seek answers to some details and questions before planning your tour of potential wedding venues.

For instance, determine the exact season and time of the year when you would like to tie the nuptial knot. Consider the number of guests whom you may want to invite, those who are likely to make it to your special occasion and whether an indoor or outdoor venue is right for you.

For this, it is important to ascertain your budget and how much would be allocated for the venue. Check out the area, the adjoining spaces, and catering facilities at the wedding venue of your choice. Are there any food and beverage minimums that you need to consider? What are the permissible timings during which you can carry out your activities on-site? Do these timings coincide with the time duration of your choice? 

These and many other questions have to be answered by the owners or managers of the wedding venues selected by you before you proceed to visit them. Getting answers to such preliminary and basic questions in good time can help you chalk the best route forward and in the least possible time. 

The Type of Research Required by Couples

Plentiful research should go into the selection of the best wedding venue. This critical decision has to consider the total guest count and whether there is an adequate reception facility for them all.

According to the managers of Silver Lake Ballroom, it would be beneficial to have enough dance floor for all attendees to enjoy themselves fitfully. It would also be helpful to have a bridal suite in place to add to the convenience of the lady in question. 

Besides, it is essential to research the provisions and amenities available for the differently-abled and handicapped people on the guest list. The same accounts for seniors, kids and other people with special needs. Besides, it helps to figure out the avenues for including the ideas and things for personalizing your celebrations. 

Right Time for Booking Wedding Venues

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A common question that’s asked by couples booking a venue for their wedding day pertains to when they should go about the act. In other words, how much in advance should the booking be done to avoid any hassles or disappointments? According to expert wedding planners, it is advisable to book the venue quite a few months in advance. Sometimes, booking a year in advance sets the stage for the lest stressful planning window. In case you are desirous of performing the ceremonies in a church, then a window of 16-18 months is recommended. 

In such a scenario, the church has to be booked before booking a ballroom or any other wedding venue. The venues with open outdoor spaces attached to the ballroom or hall are much in demand and usually go off the racks sooner than anticipated. Therefore, it is crucial to figure out your exact needs beforehand and book the dates way in advance. 

Wedding Themes and Venue Selection

If you both happen to be creative and desire to create something unique, then it would pay rich dividends to select a “blank slate” type of venue. You may also want to check out open, modern spaces and ballrooms where you can incorporate your personal touch through the décor/ theme of choice. Apart from offering unique experiences to your guests, you can give vent to your creativity while keeping your budget under tabs. 

Way Forward

Set out to choose the best venue for your wedding day at the most affordable costs. Ask for references and testimonials from close ones to freeze upon the perfect ballroom for your special day, right away. 

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