All The Reasons To Go Natural With Your Bar of Soap

All The Reasons To Go Natural With Your Bar of Soap

Far too often, the soap that you are buying from your local supermarkets or your drug store is industrially produced and not organic. Their labels say “soap,” but after careful inspection, they’re nothing but detergent wrapped in a fancy box. Synthetic components are made from petroleum and deform as they undergo chemical reactions in manufacturing plants. Commercial soaps may have “natural oils” on the packaging. However, these are not organic oils produced in making natural soap. With glycerin, many of the largest soap manufacturers separate it from the product, then sell it to other businesses that use it for luxury goods.

What are the benefits of natural bar soap?


The popular misconception with glycerin is that it is introduced to finish the process. However, glycerin is the by-product of saponification itself. Natural soaps have a high concentration of glycerin that allows it to moisturize the skin and keep it healthy naturally. Glycerin is an active moisturizing agent that attracts moisture from the deeper skin layers or even the air in humid environments to the outer skin layer. Your skin will stay smooth and moisturized for a longer period.


The healthier the contents, the more efficient the soap is, and if you want to have beautiful, youthful skin, shift to natural bar soap.

Here are the essential components used by natural soap manufacturers:

Natural Oils -It is common for natural soap to be packed with oils and butter with extra virgin oil mixed with nutritious enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that will rejuvenate the skin.

Vegan-Friendly – Many natural soaps are created from plant-based and cruelty-free ingredients. You should check this by inspecting the packaging and the manufacturer’s website. You may also recognize herbal ingredients and plant extracts used for their skin-nourishing, exfoliating, or aroma purposes.

Locally-sourced – Most of the additives used for natural soaps are usually locally-grown. Many soap-makers might even cultivate the herbs they use for their products in their yard. A trip to the local producers can offer you all you need to create soap–ingredients including honey, rice, flowers, and herbs are freshly harvested with all the essential nutrients intact.


Most organic soaps are fragrance with essential oils that not only offer a pleasant aroma but also have several other positive effects for both the mind and body. Hence, there is always a delightful smell that would be guaranteed to soothe your senses. It is also essential to remember that certain natural soaps are perfumed with synthetic fragrances since some consumers enjoy scents that could not be found naturally, including lily of the valley and musk scents. If you favor these scents, try looking for phthalate-free fragrances to reduce your exposure to harmful ingredients.

pH Level

An all-natural soap should measure between 9 to 10 on the pH scale, and unlike what’s popularly believed, the pH should not match your skin. Human skin is acidic by nature to destroy microorganisms that come into contact with it, so it is at a pH level of 5.5. However, cleansing will dry your epidermis, and because of this, you need a soap with a higher pH level than your skin to stabilize the pH without the use of chemical additives.


If you’ve been searching for a wide range of natural soaps to try, you won’t be disappointed. There are many natural soaps, so if you know where to look, chances are, there is one that will be the perfect partner for your skin! The perfection of natural soap is that it can be produced in an almost limitless variation, so many recipes are being created every day, and there’s a pleasure in finding an appropriate soap that treats your skin well.

Not only is natural soap healthier for you, but it’s beneficial for others. It’s environmentally friendly since the production of its ingredients has a minimal impact on the environment. Since they dissolve quickly, they lead to fewer problems once they go down your drain. It is also better for animals since we know its ingredients to be safe. Therefore, no testing on animals is needed.

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