Daily Links: March 29, 2020

  1. Do People Still Want To See Cute Outfits During A Global Crisis? Influencing In The Age of COVID-19. Elizabeth Savetsky, an influencer who lives in New York, has kept her Instagram feed pristine up until now. In every past photo, she wears an enviable outfit with perfectly done hair and, occasionally, her smiling, tall plastic surgeon husband. They’re photos that make people wish they could live in her shoes. But things are changing now that she’s stuck at home because of social distancing: she can’t hire photographers, she isn’t attending events, and she’s dressing up for no one other than her family. Her posts are starting to reflect this new reality. Read more on The Verge
  2. The 3% Rule: The Reality Behind One of Fashion’s Favorite Rules-of-Thumb Forget all of the urban legends and the “alternative facts” that you have heard about fashion over the years, including the frequently espoused – and since firmly debunked – proclamation that it is the “second most polluting industry in the world.” (It is further down on the list than that). Forget those and consider another widely-cited piece of fashion folklore: if you take an existing design, whether it be a copyright-protected Yeezy sneaker or the design patent-covered ornamental elements of a bag, for instance, and change a certain percentage of it – some say 3 percent is sufficient, others put the figure closer to 20 percent – you have created a new design in the eyes of the law. Read more on The Fashion Law
  3. I Postponed My Wedding & Closed My Salon Over COVID-19 — Here’s How I’m Coping Celebrity hairstylist Riawna Capri, whose devoted clientele includes Julianne Hough and Selena Gomez, spent a year and a half planning her dream wedding. Everything from table arrangements to roundtrip flights to Mexico were booked for the mid-March event — but no amount of planning could have predicted the COVID-19 outbreak. Within just a few days, the dream wedding was off the table, along with Capri’s source of income: her hair salon, L.A.’s Nine Zero One, forced to close its doors indefinitely. Read more on Refinery 29
  4. Chanel to Produce Surgical Masks for France The Parisian house, which had temporarily closed production sites in France, Italy and Switzerland due to coronavirus, said it would start manufacturing protective gear once prototypes were approved. Read more on Business of Fashion

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