5 Key Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses

  • Protection from the elements is just one benefit of wearing sunglasses.
5 Key Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses

Everyone can dig a new pair of shades but are those new sunglasses adequately protecting your eyes? To actually do that, your sunglasses need to block over 99% of UV-A radiation and UV-B radiation as well as over 75% of visible light.

Here are five key benefits of wearing sunglasses:

1. Sun Exposure and UV Protection

It’s important to protect eyes from damaging UV-A and UV-B radiation.

Ultraviolet rays damage the skin and can result in skin cancers. The skin around your eyes is sensitive and susceptible to sun damage. Protecting it from damage by wearing good quality sunglasses can reduce UV light by 99% or more.

Diseases of the eyes are also affected by exposure to sunlight. Cataracts and glaucoma are both affected by long term exposure to UV rays. Sunlight can exacerbate the symptoms of glaucoma, so it’s best to wear sunglasses if you are a sufferer. 

Macular degeneration is also be speeded up by UV light. This awful condition can lead to reduced vision and even blindness. Preventing the deterioration of the retina by wearing sunglasses can provide some protection.

Surfer’s eye or pterygium is usually treated with steroids or surgery. It’s the result of a growth in the eye associated with surfers because they often expose their eyes to sunlight without eye protection. The best way to prevent this condition is to protect the eyes from UV light even on cloudy days at the beach or indeed anywhere outdoors.

2. Prevent Migraine

Migraine sufferers know that exposure to bright lights including sunlight can bring on a migraine attack. Migraine is often associated with triggers. Common triggers include stress, lack of sleep, alcohol, and even some very common foods like chocolate, dairy products, and caffeine.

Many migraine sufferers find that sunlight, as well as fluorescent lights and flickering lights, brings on an attack. Wearing sunglasses can help reduce this trigger’s effect.

3. When It’s Windy

When you get sand or grit in your eye it can be very painful. The sharp material can scratch your eye and rubbing your eye can make it worse.

Wearing sunglasses can reduce the risk of getting something in your eye on a windy day. The greater the coverage of your eye the better protection. Wrap-around sunglasses can even keep sand from getting into the sides of your eye.

4. Reduce Wrinkles

When your skin is exposed to sunlight it ages more quickly than if it is covered up. The accumulated damage to your skin creates wrinkles and discoloration. Covering up your skin by wearing clothes or sun cream is one way of reducing this effect.

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Your eyes are not protected by clothes but a hat can help. Sun cream on your face is vital but it’s not always easy to apply sun cream right up to the edges of your eyes.

Wearing sunglasses protect the surrounding skin and can help to prevent the deterioration of your skin. Wrinkles around your eyes are especially aging. Wear sunglasses to prevent wrinkles around your eyes and stay looking young. 

5. Look Cool

Many movie icons know how to look cool with the help of sunglasses. From Steve McQueen to Audrie Hepburn or any of the Kardasians, a pair of sunglasses is an essential cool accessory.

Whether you wear them on your eyes or on the top of your head you look and feel great.

Think About Your Eyes

Whenever you go outdoors, think about your eyes. Consider if they need protection. Take your sunglasses with you, be safe and look cool too.

5 Key Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses

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