Everything You Need To Know About Those Coveted Stackable Rings

Everything You Need To Know About Those Coveted Stackable Rings

Internalized as the sparkling cocktail ring but better known as the perfect stackable ring, is becoming one of the most sought after pieces today. The versatile pieces can add a special touch to any outfit ranging from jeans and a tee to an evening dress and ballet flats.

Here’s everything you need to know about these coveted stackable (cocktail) rings:

Countless Designs for All Wardrobes

Cocktail rings come in a wide array of designs to match any outfit and suit all preferences. Silver, gold, and rose gold are all attractive metals used to create irresistible designs. Gems in a rainbow of hues complement pants, dresses, and blouses of all colors. Take a few minutes to find cocktail rings to bring a fresh feel to your current clothes or match a new outfit.

Everything You Need To Know About Those Coveted Stackable Rings

A Rich History of Rebellion

Few people realize the history of cocktail rings begins with the spirit of rebellion in women. During the days of Prohibition, a cocktail ring was a status symbol that women wore as they perched a Gin Rickey between their fingers. Wearings a large ring that captured attention showed everyone the woman was indulging in an adult beverage. Women wanted rings that were larger than lie to complement their drinking glasses, which is how the name cocktail ring was adopted.

Wear on Any Finger – Or All of Them

While most women reserve the ring finger on their left hand, a cocktail ring can be worn on any finger. Initially, women wore them on their index or ring fingers. Today, every finger is another opportunity to express yourself and shine. Try wearing different metals with a rainbow of stones. Or try similar type rings in various sizes to wear on each finger. Dare to dress up an unlikely finger with a beautiful cocktail ring, such as your pinky or thumb.

Everything You Need To Know About Those Coveted Stackable Rings

Holiday Gifts That Shine

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During the Prohibition days, cocktail rings became a coveted holiday gift for women of style and distinction. Today cocktail rings continue to be a favorite choice, with women no longer waiting for a man to buy her one. Some women purchase their favorite designs for themselves as well as their mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends. No matter who purchases the ring, the recipient is sure to be overjoyed to receive a jewelry box containing a lovely cocktail ring.

A Ring for Every Budget

In the past, cocktail rings were associated with the wealthiest women and socialites. These high-end rings contained diamonds, rubies, and emeralds in the most opulent settings. When bigger is considered better, this type of ring can become extremely costly and out of reach for women on a budget. Many gorgeous simulated stones are made today to create cocktail rings with equivalent sparkle to their costly counterparts. Regardless of your budget, there is a design and stone that you can afford. Wear the ring to cocktail parties, holiday events, and even when you go to the grocery store. Wherever you go, wearing the ring will make you feel fancier.

Cocktail rings have been around for decades and their designs have evolved to fit into a modern woman’s lifestyle and budget. Measure each finger to ensure you get the right size, especially when you buy cocktail rings online. Try a variety of colors and metals to complement any outfit and occasion. In just seconds, you can slip into a fabulous cocktail ring and feel like the life of the party.

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