All The Engagement Ring Trends You Need To Know About

All The Engagement Ring Trends You Need To Know About

Every rock tells a story. You should decide which story fits your love story the best. 

The tradition of putting a diamond ring on your beloved’s finger as an assurance of your love and commitment originated in ancient Egypt, where circles symbolize eternity. The finger on which the ring is worn has a vein (Vena amoris) that directly connects to the heart. 

That’s why the engagement ring is as important as your relationship.

With so many varieties in the market, you’ve to select a rock that resonates with the equation you share with your partner, as well as her style and preferences.  

Let’s make the task easier for you by giving you an idea about the most popular engagement ring trends that are going to dominate this year. 

The Classic Solitaire – Pure and Pristine 

With the round, colorless diamond in the center, surrounded by precious stones and encased in a white (or yellow) gold shank, this classic solitaire ring is far from getting old.

All The Engagement Ring Trends You Need To Know About

If your partner cherishes traditions, this is the best kind of rock you can get for her. Currently, this style is scoring high in popularity, even among celebrities. While deciding on the color of the shank, remember that white stands for purity, while gold represents generosity.

Make your choice accordingly.

Sustainable Rings – Brides Breaking Traditions

Sustainable engagement rings have taken the market by storm. Millennial and Gen Z brides are keener to help preserve the environment and create an awareness regarding the same. Thus, they’ve started endorsing brands that give out a positive message to society. If your partner is a rebel in herself, a social and environmental activist, this rock will silently tell her that you support her.

All The Engagement Ring Trends You Need To Know About

Romantic Fancy Cuts – Chic and Trendy

Are you in for fancy cuts and trendy rocks that define your partner’s quirky, bohemian spirit? You can opt for the emerald cut, a royal marquise, or a water droplet, as you’re spoilt with choices here. However, you should choose the design of your engagement ring according to the wishes and preferences of your partner. If you’re confident of her choice, feel free to experiment, and let your inner romantic decide for you.

The Feminine Pavé: Let Her Glow

This engagement ring is characterized by tiny stones embedded along the shank. As it reflects more light, it glows more, giving a surreal feel to the finger that wears it. Opt for this style to make your partner know how much she is valued. If the glow on her face exceeds that of the ring, you’ll get your answer right away.

All The Engagement Ring Trends You Need To Know About
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Floral Rings: The Nature Lover 

Floral motifs are the flavor of the season among nature lovers. If your partner is one of them, such a design will please her like nothing else. You can go for rings that include little details in the overall natural setting like leaves, vines, and petals, and so on.

Focus on the central stone that is supposed to attract more eyeballs. A popular option, however, will be to replace a large central stone with something that symbolizes the essence of your relationship.

Antique Engagement Rings: Reminiscing History

Do you have a thing for antique jewelry like family heirlooms? Many jewelers are imitating Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian styles in their engagement rings. Although quite modern in appearance, these rings give out a sense of pride because of their antique setting.

All The Engagement Ring Trends You Need To Know About
Source: Etsy

If your partner loves history and has a knack for antiquities, this can be the perfect rock to propose her with.

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The Perfect Halo: Shine Away

One of the trendiest engagement ring styles is halo, which creates a statement of elegance and royalty. The central stone is more significant, and the embedded pavé-set stones are aligned in a way to make it shine brighter.

Many brides are choosing to replace the diamond in the center with other contrasting gemstones like sapphires, morganite, or pink diamond. The idea is to create a halo effect with stones that look brighter than the stars in the night sky.

Oval-Shaped Rocks: Rich and Powerful

From Blake Lively to Sarah Hyland, oval-shaped diamond rings are a staple of the aristocrats. These rocks not only look good on the finger but also give out a sense of pride and power.

All The Engagement Ring Trends You Need To Know About

Flatter your partner, who’s at the topmost strata of the society, with this rock, as it’ll resonate with her power and self-esteem. 

Closing Words

Engagement rings should tell the story of your relationship besides representing the wearer’s personality. You should always take ample time to select the perfect engagement ring, just in the way you would choose your life partner. Read about market trends, pick a reputed jeweler, carefully analyze every option and choose a rock that she’ll consider a part of herself.

After all, ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!’

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