All The Super Chic Ways To Style A Two-Piece Dress

All The Super Chic Ways To Style A Two-Piece Dress

The two-piece dress trend is becoming increasingly popular. These outfits are separated uniquely, being positioned to be worn again and again as tops, skirts, or both. Their exposing a sexy sliver of toned abs is an added bonus. However, the vast range of styles two-piece sets come in is one of the best things about them. You can choose the best details for you, be they a specific neckline or a traditional formal length.

Here are some of the trendiest ways to style a two-piece dress:

Dress It Up with a Jacket

Some of the best ways to style a two-piece with a jacket include contrasting lengths and matching lengths. Pairing the dress with a jacket of the same length or with a much shorter jacket are both great options. You can wear a midi dress with a trench or a mini with a short jacket. This will provide a suited, uniform look that is both modern and classic. Regardless of the color or material, the dress and jacket will be a perfect match.

If you don’t want to or can’t match the lengths exactly, style a maxi dress with a cropped jacket. This look draws the eye from the hem of the jacket to that of the dress, elongating the silhouette.

You could also wear a jacket draped over your shoulders. Even though the arms will look bulky this way, it’s a very chic pairing style. You can show off the whole dress and free up your arms at the same time. You’ll look like you did it effortlessly and without intention.

Make It Look Bohemian

If you want to make a two-piece dress look bohemian, flat sandals are a big help. Gladiator sandals, sandals with funky details, or laced up sandals will all work. Even suede chokers or studded ankle boots won’t be out of place by any means. If you’re on your way to the beach, add a beach hat and a chic pair of shades. 

All The Super Chic Ways To Style A Two-Piece Dress

Your best bet is nude ankle length sandals as these will work with most two-piece dresses, ideally ones that end around the calf. Floral print, boho-inspired dresses go with laced knee-length sandals, very well, although you might not have the patience to put the shoes on and take them off all that often.

Two-piece sets run the gamut of casual to highly formal and there are always bohemian versions for the free-spirited ladies out there. The prints are mostly ethnic or floral, and if you choose to add the unique off the shoulder element, you’ll look extra trendy. To complete the boho look, the skirt must be maxi.

Glam It Up for a Formal Event

Until a few years ago, two-piece dresses were not considered appropriate for formal events like weddings, cocktail parties, and business events. Thankfully, all that has changed. The trend has touched important events that require a black-tie dress code. We’ve seen long, flowing two-piece gowns on the red carpet, haute couture runways and worn by bridesmaids at formal weddings. They are divided into all kinds of styles, but that’s the subject of a whole new article in itself. Next time you shop for a formal event, check out two-piece dresses from online boutiques like NewYorkDress.

All The Super Chic Ways To Style A Two-Piece Dress

Two-piece gowns look edgier than classic column gowns, yet still formal. If you want to make sure you look glam, opt for luxurious materials and rich textures. Think of tulle fairy tale princess skirts, satin, lace, embroidered or beaded tops, and sequins. Pair the dress with high heels and a clutch to get ready to rock a celeb-worthy look. 

Bejewel It

The most popular and beloved two-piece dress styles are halter dresses, one-shoulder dresses, and dresses with strapless tops. Different types of jewelry will go with different top styles.  

One-shoulder dresses feel and look “uneven,” which is intended, but balancing them with a cuff on the arm or wrist on the opposite side is still a good idea. You can add earrings as long as the dress is free of one-shoulder embellishments like ruffles. These will clash with the earrings and render the overall appearance crooked and visually unappealing.  

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If you’re wearing a halter top, don’t go for oversized earrings or a big, chunky necklace. This will make the look feel too busy and detract attention from your face. Instead, you can stack a few pretty bracelets to give some attention to your bare arms. If you opt for a strapless top, pair it with a bold pair of earrings to attract attention to your face.

Step It Up with the Perfect Shoes

We talked about shoes already, and two-piece dresses will go with almost any type of shoes short of combat boots – and even that isn’t fixed. The chic style goes perfectly with pumps thanks to the latter’s universal urban appeal. If you choose peep toes, remember they go with bare legs, so any knee-length or shorter dress will be a good match. Choose wedges if you’ll be uncomfortable in stilettos.

Tips for Re-Wearing a Formal Two-Piece Dress

Тhe versatile nature of formal two-piece dresses lets you create new looks by wearing a single piece at a time. You can keep wearing it as a matching set or reinvent it with a new bottom or top for weddings, homecomings, and other special events. Do consider getting extra value out of the dress if cost is a significant factor.

For a chic, but casual look, pair a T-shirt or bathing suit top with a two-piece dress bottom. Alternatively, wear dress pants or jean shorts with the top of the two-piece for summer style or business casual.

On a final note, don’t forget how easy and comfortable it is to move in a two-piece dress with a short skirt. This is valuable for those with a long night of dancing ahead of them. Another appealing and untraditional look is a long and flowing dress with a strapless top. The crop top isn’t going anywhere, and you can jump the bandwagon by buying a breathtaking two-piece set to wear on multiple special occasions.    

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