Um…Asbestos Was Just Found In This Makeup Line

WTVD, an ABC station in Durham, North Carolina, just reported an investigation into the ingredients of makeup products marketed to tweens.



Because according to the Scientific Analytical Institute in Greensboro, a product found at retail chain, Justice, tested positive for asbestos.

The product is called: Just Shine Shimmer Powder.

Sean Fitzgerald, the lab’s Director of Research and Analytical Services told WTVD:

“In this powder designed for children, they could die an untimely death in their 30s or 40s because of the exposure to asbestos in this product.”

To be specific, the Scientific Analytical Institute found tremolite asbestos fibers, which contaminated the talc used in the Just Shine Shimmer Powder.

Sean Fitzgerald also notes that the mineral reserve from which the talc was derived should have been tested for contamination.

The reason for this is that if it had been tested, like it should have been, it would have never been used by the manufacturer.


Because the FDA prohibits asbestos-contaminated talc in cosmetics.

“Fibers like this get into your breathing zone, and when you inhale, these fibers can get into the lung and go to the very bottom of the lung, and that is exactly where you have the greatest likelihood of asbestos to cause disease. Children should not be allowed to breathe it. If a 10-year-old inhaled this fiber today, when he’s 50 years old, it’s still there.”

But there’s more.

The National Cancer Institute notes that it can take at least 20 years for malignant mesothelioma to form after asbestos exposure.

The Institute also reported findings of heavy metals barium, chromium, selenium and lead in the very same product, Just Shine Shimmer Powder.

“The more lead you have in your system, the more negative health effects you’re going to have. Any amount of lead can be absorbed through the skin and go into your blood, and contribute to your overall poisoning of your blood.”

WTVD’s Diane Wilson took the results to Justice. The company then issued a statement:

“Justice is committed to the safety and integrity of our products. Upon receiving the inquiry from WTVD, we immediately began an independent investigation. We cannot speculate regarding the matter until we have more information. Nonetheless, out of an abundance of caution, we have stopped the sale of this product while we investigate.”


The Just Shine Shimmer Powder is no longer available for purchase on the retailers website, but has yet to be added to their recalls section.



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