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Beauty Blogger: Jackie Aina, Gives KKWBeauty An Honest Review & The Internet Thinks Kim K Pulled A Shady Move


Kim Kardashian West launched her first ever product from her beauty line, KKWBeauty, last week.

And some of the most notable beauty YouTubers got to not only test out the products themselves, but they also were invited to Kim’s house for the launch party.



One of the lucky beauty vloggers who got to attend the event was Jackie Aina, who currently holds about 1.5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Aina was been in the YouTube business for over seven years and is known for honest reviews, especially products made for women of color.

The launch party seem to be a true success.

We all probably saw a flood of photos on Instagram even days after the event.

Anyway, after the launch, Jackie posted a review of the contour kits on her channel.

In the video, you can see that Jackie provides a very thorough and balanced review of the product.

In her personal opinion, Aina says:

“$48 the products are a little on the pricey side”

This is in regards to the amount of product you are actually receiving.

But like we said, the review was pretty well balanced.


She admits that Kim did a “pretty good job” with the shade range, especially since it can be extremely difficult for women of color to find contour colors that are dark enough.

All in all, Jackie does praise the product.

But she throw in another opinion about launching a contour kit now:

“Part of me kind of feels like it’s a little too late to be doing highlight/contour kits. I feel like she should have did this like 5 years ago. That is when something like this really could have taken off. I feel like the whole contour and highlight train has long left the beauty community and that phase was like two years ago.”

She also mentions again her opinion on the $48 the price tag:

“The price point, I’m not really feeling. I just feel like $48 is a little up there. I mean Kim, you could have maybe did a $40 even. $40 makes me feel comfortable, and what’s that shipping like if you’re in the UK? What’s it really going to cost me, what’s customs gonna be talking about?”

So how did Kim respond?

So, Kim uploaded a photo of everyone to her Instagram account and tagged everyone. Except for Jackie.

Was this a mistake?

The internet seems to think otherwise.

Here is one of the many comments:

Jackie then addresses the drama by taking it to Instagram Live:

“I just gave some really constructive feedback about the product. I didn’t glorify the product in my review, but I also didn’t bash it. Kim puts up a picture on Instagram of everyone who came to the launch, literally everybody who came to the launch and tagged everyone but me. Is it shadier to not put up a picture at all, or to put the picture up and to not tag the one person? She knew what she was doing. Did I think it was shady? Absolutely. Was it worth attacking her? Not necessarily.”

Since then, Kim has since removed all the tags from her Instagram pictures.



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