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Blogger To Follow: Ashley Del Rio


This week in our Blogger Ambitions series, we reached out Ashley Del Rio of Gilded Girl Blog.


The Gilded Girl Blog is an online record of the 3 a.m. insomnia-induced musings of of a girl with permanent jetlag.


Sound interesting?

Find out more about the girl behind the blog in her Q&A below:

Why did you start blogging? And what currently drives you to keep up with it?

Creative people need outlets to express all that creativity, and my blog and Instagram are a couple of mine.

I take all my own photos, manage the design of my site and write my blog articles in my own voice, so everything about my blog is 100% me.

I’m self-taught in photography and design, so the challenge of constantly trying to improve is one of the biggest motivators to continue with it.

Another even larger drive, though, is the feedback I get from my audience. I can sometimes find myself completely burnt-out, but then I read the sweetest Instagram comment and I’m reminded of why I love doing this.

Blogger To Follow: Ashley Del Rio

Most importantly, though, I keep taking photos and writing posts because I need to. Creative people like me would go INSANE without being able to create. Technology— especially social media— makes it easy for us to create, and also to share what we’ve created with the world.


What would you consider your personal style to be and what influences your style?

I only ever want to wear outfits that resemble pajamas and flamenco dancer costumes. And actual pajamas.

Trying to keep up with every trend is both expensive and uninspired, and life is short, so we should all just wear whatever we want.

Matching silk sets, enormous earrings and ruffled skirts are what happen to make me happy.

Are there any fashion labels you love?

Dolce and Gabbana is my all-time favorite, but lately I’ve been loving Johanna Ortiz and Alberta Ferretti (Like I said, I’m obsessed with flamenco style).

I also love jewelry from Ranjana Khan and Mercedes Salazar.

The first designer dress I ever bought, though, was Versace, and it’ll be my favorite dress for the rest of my life, so Versace will always have a special place in my heart.

Blogger To Follow: Ashley Del Rio

What beauty products do you live by?

I live in LA, and around here, we’re all obsessed with Dr. Lancer and his products. It’s not just a fad, though— Lancer products are AMAZING and worth every penny.

As far as makeup goes, I use a few products from multiple brands at Sephora and I switch it up all the time, but the one thing I swear by is Tom Ford mascara. I also love Tom Ford Santal Blush perfume. It’s the best smelling thing in the world.

What bloggers do you follow and why?

Oh my goodness, so many!

Kristina Bazan, Negin Mirsalehi, Nicole Warne and Margaret Zhang are a few of my favorites— they’re all doing amazing things and each has such a unique brand.

Beyond girl crushes like Negin and Kristina, I also follow at least 100 other bloggers because being apart of this industry means supporting and uplifting other girls.

I’ve met so many amazing and talented influencers on Instagram who are constantly encouraging me, and I try to take at least an hour a day to do the same by commenting on photos, reading their latest posts, and most importantly, having brunch with the babes!

Do you blog full time?

In order to succeed in this, you have to give it the attention of a full-time job. Unfortunately in many cases, you also have to have an actual full-time job. For the first year of blogging, I was no exception, but now I receive a steady income from my blog and social media.

Also, I’m able to leverage my brand in order to get assignments writing for magazines and larger blogs. I also act as a fashion stylist for a number of people who reached out to me through Instagram.

Who takes your photos?

I do. I have a Nikon D610 that I set to timer cam and then just run back and forth 800 times until I get the shot right.

More and more, though, I find myself just using my iPhone, because I honestly cannot tell a difference in the quality of photos, especially after editing them with my favorite app, Enlight.

Blogger To Follow: Ashley Del Rio

What is your favorite part about blogging? And what’s the worst part about it?

I adore so many things about this. I love being a part of a community of creative and inspiring people, and I feel so lucky that playing dress-up and messing around with my camera is basically my job. This takes a lot of effort and it’s challenging to harness your creativity on a deadline, but I’m my own boss, and my business is my creation, and that’s just the most rewarding thing I can imagine.

What do you love most about your blog?

I love that it’s mine. Every photo on my Instagram and every word on my blog was created with love and long hours by me, by myself. Even if I had never earned a penny doing this, I can at least say that I have made something I’ve proud of, and that’s worth everything.

What piece of advice would you give to anyone starting their own blog?

To anyone wanting to start a blog, I first would want to say, that’s amazing! And once you do, please reach out to me so I can read and comment on every one of your posts!

As far as advice goes, I hesitate to give any. This is not a science; it’s an art. There is no formula to success, the only thing is to DO IT.

I was talking with a blogger friend of mine the other day, and we were laughing about the facts that everything I have done to build my blog and our business is the opposite of what she did. And yet, both of us have found success. What we do have in common, though, is that we LOVE what we do. And when it comes to creativity, passion is everything.

Have any fashion blog goals for 2017?

I have so many ideas swirling around in my head, I can’t sleep at night, and I’d love to make them happen IRL. I’m so excited and I can’t wait to share them with you, but first, I have a LOT of work to do!



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