Buying Fake Kylie Cosmetics Products Can Be Pretty Horrifying

Buying Fake Kylie Cosmetics Products Can Be Pretty Horrifying

Kylie Jenner’s cosmetic line has been the holy grail of beauty cosmetics ever since her launch.

They sell out super quick and can be really tough to get a hold of.

When Kylie announces a new release or restock…good luck!

And with both the high demand and the high prices on Kylie’s lip kits, some people have been turning elsewhere to find the highly desired products.


And here’s what we have to say: Don’t.

Recently, people have been complaining about receiving fake lip kits which contain glue and other ingredients causing swelling and rashes.

There have been some reports that even claim the knock-off formulas contain GASOLINE.

Um. WHAT?!?!

Style Vanity breaks down how to spot a fake Kylie Lip kit. 

Kylie also took it to Twitter to respond to the hundreds of complaints about the fake kits.

She assured people her lip kits are NOT harmful and reminded them that in order to receiev AUTHENTIC  products, you must shop on

On Snapchat Kylie said:

“I don’t sell to anybody else. The only way that you can get my products is through my website.”



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