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Did Kris Jenner Photoshop Her Latest Selfie?


Recently, the entire Kardashian/Jenner family has been posting ads via social, about a cleanse they’ve been using.

So it was only natural that Kris Jenner take part.


Well, she finally posted her ad and her latest gym selfie has been causing up a stir….


While some of her fans have been praising the momager for her fabulous gym body, critics have been accusing Kris of Photoshopping.

If you do happen to looking closely at the photo, there are several visible warps in the bench under Jenner’s arm.

So does this mean the photo was manipulated?

Jenner’s arms are also smoothed out, which means she could have used a blurring effect.

Either way, photoshopped or not, we think she looks amazing!

What do you think?



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