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The Rules Have Changed – We’re Talking Engagement Ring Etiquette


With social media, feminism, and less-traditional family structures all playing a major role in such contemporary times, getting engaged can feel quite complicated.

So what’s okay these days? And are the rules still the same?

There are some updated guidelines to follow when it comes to getting engaged: 


Yes, you can totally help pick the ring. It’s a “thing” now.

Traditionally, this would be an absolute no no, as the ring was typically bother a surprise and a gift.

But these days, the bride-to-be can help pick out the ring.

I mean why not?

Why not have a say in the one piece of jewelry that you’ll wear everyday for the rest of your life?

So these days you can expect a couple to go shopping together, the bride-to-be to send designer suggestions or even inspiration.

The Rules Have Changed - We're Talking Engagement Ring Etiquette

You can opt for more than the traditional solitaire diamond ring.

If you love the classic diamond solitaire, that’s totally fine. After all it is the original “engagement ring.”

But don’t feel obligated.

You can play around with settings and you can even opt for a different type of stone altogether.

Splitting the cost is acceptable.

Yes, tradition the proposer pays for the ring.

But these days, the bride-to-be can share the responsibility for paying for the ring.

If you do want to be gifted the ring, there’s nothing wrong with that either.

Either option is doable.

The Rules Have Changed - We're Talking Engagement Ring Etiquette

Think before you post an up close shot of your new jewel.

It can be super temping to post on Facebook and Instagram but according to, posting a close-up shot of just the ring is in poor taste.

So instead, opt to post a zoomed out photo of you, your significant other and your ring.

If you hate the ring, you can say it.

If you don’t absolutely love your engagement ring, you should say something. But do it graciously and politely.

And when the you tell them, offer to help pick out a replacement> Oh! And offer to pay for it, if need be.

The Rules Have Changed - We're Talking Engagement Ring Etiquette



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