Potential Romance With Jon Snow? Daenerys’ Subtle Outfit Tweak May Be A Major Hint

So, I think we can all agree that there is a TON of sexual tension between Jon Snow and Daenerys.


And we’re all just dying for the two to become one.

Well, apparently there just MIGHT be a new couple in our GOT future.

Mashable’s Laura Prudom notes that in photos from this Sunday’s episode, Daenerys seems to be subtly matching her outfit to Jon’s.


Notice the lines of fur? (above)

And before you go and say Prudom is overanalyzing, apparently the Game of Thrones designer Michele Clapton, revealed that the show’s outfits often have significant meanings.


For example, Sansa’s Season 7 buttoned up attire?

That was intentional as it was meant to reflect how horribly the men in her life have treated her.



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